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  1. REV-GEN 4 & MACH (wide body) 4 stroke & Turbo
    Is there a certain temperature required (for the machine/engine to warm up to) before reverse works? I was out riding and went to reverse and no go. This was the first time I have ever used the reverse on this new machine, a 2021 Expedition SE 900 ACE. After I pressed the button to go into...
  2. REV-XP / XM Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    Hey guys, Im sure this has been talked about many times, but I want to see what people think about boots for riding in a colder climate, but still working hard. I have a 2016 summit X, so I am not sure how much heat will be given off from the clutch and exhaust (Exhaust is an SLP). But I am...
  3. General Discussion
    Hi guys last year I got a GoPro Hero 3 for my Birthday from my girlfriend. First use I turned it on went out riding thinking I was getting some sweet footage stop riding the thing is not even on anymore? Got 17 seconds.....LAME! Next trip its a bit warmer out and I am getting decent recording...
  4. Skandic / Expedition
    read something last here can't find it Thanks
  5. Skandic / Expedition
    read something last year, can't find it. Help
  6. Sledding - General Discussion
    Well, the season is just around the corner here in Manitoba, there is enough snow to get out and set up suspensions etc. Anyway, went out this weekend it was fairly cold -20ish with wind chill. Wearing my bv2s I was reminded how cold my chin gets for some reason. I wear it with the brp...
  7. Skandic / Expedition
    At work we have a couple of 2011 skandic 550f wt's in our fleet, and we travel across northern Manitoba (including the Hudson Bay Coast) performing all sorts of water measurement no matter the air temperature (unless helicopters are involved). These skandics are tanks and perform to the task...
  8. REV-XR/XS Chassis: 4-TEC 1200 Perf. & Trail Models
    hello members I am looking for some input. I recently bought an 09 1200 renegade four stroke and am just wondering how it starts in -35 or -40?? I live in northern Ontario and it can get pretty cold here, I don't want to embarrass myself when I head up to the camp if you know what I mean lol ...
1-8 of 8 Results