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  1. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: Formula 3 CK3 Reverse Category: Sled Year: 1998-up Location: Highland IL Price: 190. Reverse components removed from 98 Formula 3 600. May fit other CK3 chassis sleds. Parts shown in pictures-Chain case, chain, gears, shifter, etc. included. $190.
  2. Mach Z / Mach 1 / Formula III Triples
    Hi I just picked up a 1998 Mach 1, was looking for a Z but I could not pass this one up Had a few general questions I hope I am using this board correctly for this posting. I have owned many 90's Doo sleds in the past but have never owned a Mach. 92 Plus, Formula's Z's, 670HO, closest thing...
  3. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: 18 inch motion control front shocks, ck3, 505070171 Category: Sled parts Year: 99-00 Location: Me. Price: 50 plus shipping Came off 99 f3 800. I recently bought these for the 153 springs for my 03 rev. They are 18 inches oc eye to eye. Non hpg. They work perfectly with no leaks with...
  4. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    Got a 99 f3 800 that was leaking coolant into the 3rd cylinder (pull cord side) I replaced the head gasket and seals. The plug was no longer getting wet with the green coolant upon visible inspection. Now I'm loosing coolant somewhere while it sits for days and can't find it. I have no puddles...
  5. Sleds For Sale
    Item: Formula 3 800 Category: Sled Year: 1999 Location: Princeton, MN Price: $1900 This sled is in good condition (not perfect) and was only made for one year. It's an 800 triple SINGLE pipe. All stock except for nice yellow skis and a few other yellow accessories. Previous owner put mirrors on...
  6. Mach Z / Mach 1 / Formula III Triples Classifieds
    1996 780 triple 3600 miles $800 1998 699 triple 4k miles complete $800 machZ rack carbs $100 (several sets) FIII 700 38mm round carb set $100 95, 96, 97 CDI boxes $100 Lots of triple engine parts carbs, stator, recoil, coils... 2000 ZX 440 liquid cooled 440 engine $600 TM-34 carbs...
  7. Mach Z / Mach 1 / Formula III Triples Classifieds
    Selling a crankshop rolled chaincase also have mounting template with it, drops and rolls back chaincase in order to run big track or big drivers Can be paid with PayPal 300$ US
  8. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    Bought a '98 F III 700 for nostalgia's sake. This is the sled I learned to ride on. This particular sled needs some r&r. I can tell the clutches need work. it engages @ 2000 rpm and will not shift up. Does anyone know what the 700's ran stock for springs? What about weights and rollers? I...
  9. Wanted To Buy
    I am looking for a RH yellow belly pan, CK3 chassis. PM me if you have one for sale. Thank you, Greg
  10. Mach Z / Mach 1 / Formula III Triples
    Does anyone have a recommendation for replacement shocks & springs for CK3 (Millennium Mach Z specifically)? Obviously these have long since been discontinued, but I'm in search of rear center shock (#503188913) and spring assembly #415090600 (upper) and #415090500 (lower). Any good sources...
  11. Mach Z / Mach 1 / Formula III Triples
    anybody have them ? like them ? want to sell them ? hear good things about them ?
  12. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: Misc. F, ZX, CK3, and Rev Parts Category: Sled Year: N/A Location: Howard Lake MN Price: As Shown(OBO) + Shipping Shop Cleaning Qty Description 1 1994 MXZ 470 parts sled, bad motor. Good track, front/rear susp, clutches, & belly pan (local pickup...
  13. Ontario
    I just thought I would throw this out there, I live in London and have a CK3 chasis Mach Z (1998). I have accumulated some spare parts that I am willing to sell (headlight, original metal skis, black plastic skis, coils, black bumper, handle bar risers, raised seat - 4 inches higher than...
  14. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: CK3 Belts 1998 Mach (2) Category: Sled Year: n/a Location: MN Price: $50 Two drive belts that fit 1998 CK3 Chassis sleds like Mach, Formula, etc.. 1) NEW - DAYCO Ultimax 2 140-5157 brand new, was a spare Calipers out at 34.55mm or 1.36" 2) USED - BRP 417-300-069 good shape...
  15. Mach Z / Mach 1 / Formula III Triples
    I've got a Formula III that I will be running next year in an oval racing class. The class does not allow any porting, but it doesn't have any limits on what thickness base gasket you can use. Race fuel can be used in the class. I am wondering if I'm better off using a thin base gasket to...
1-15 of 15 Results