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  1. Sledding - General Discussion
    Are there any new rumors about a new mid-range engine? Call it what you want: 650, 600 etec2.. My thought is that a 130-140hp engine based on the same engine architecture as 850 should fit the programme perfect! (And no, I'm not interested in buying a 850 instead. :tongue_old:This because the...
  2. Sledding - General Discussion
    My $30 a pair Seadoo 650/657 (78mm x 68mm) Cylinders, on a 670 Block given to me. Rod is broke, don't know the history of the blown 670. With a 617 Crank, would make a 650cc engine. Has anyone, adapted a set of 670 Cylinders onto a 583, 617, Case? If so, what Piston did you use. Yes, the case...
1-2 of 2 Results