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  1. Vintage Ski Doo's
    I have a 1990 617 mach 1 otherwise known as the mach ton. I rode it this year and decided I hate the chassis. I just bought a 1998 670 chassis and plan on dropping my motor into it. Does anyone have any advice or will this even work? Also my motor runs great once you get it started... once I...
  2. Vintage Ski Doo's
    Hey everyone. So I acquired a 617rv from a 91' Mach Ton. I'm currently in the process of swapping it into a Mountain Magic S-Chassis mod that had a 670 in it previously. The 617 came complete with the cdi, voltage regulator and coil and half of the wiring. My question is how to wire...
  3. Mach Z / Mach 1 / Formula III Triples
    Hey everyone. Just acquired a 617 with some of the stock harness, voltage regulator, cdi and coil. Question is what is the bare minimum required to wire up this ign system with no accessories aside from a tether and a tach?
  4. Sledding - General Discussion
    Looking for: #1 A 1993-94 Skidoo 670 Crank, CAD Drawing, in a PDF file, Paper, CAD, or a 3D Model of one, or just the MAG End. #2 Looking for a 670 RV Cover, Non Oil Injection, CAD Drawing, in a PDF file, Paper, CAD, or a 3D Model of one. #3 Looking for a 1993-94 670 Case, CAD Drawing, in a...
  5. Vintage Ski Doo's
    Looking for Stock, and Aftermarket Race Parts, 3D Model CAD files of older 70, 80, 90s Skidoo/Rotax engines. Blocks, Cranks, Rods, Heads, RV Covers, etc. Thanks Rich
  6. Sledding - General Discussion
    Found this 635cc, engine case on ebay, listed as a 617??? The guy had it advertized as a 1992 617, but the case looked like a newer 670 case. I verified with him, by photo, and e-mail, on what the DATA PLATE said, (76mm x 70mm) 635.3cc, and not (76mm x 68mm) 617cc. Has the top hole on the back...
  7. Sledding - General Discussion
    Does anyone make any pre 2000 Billet Skidoo blocks, cranks, RV Covers, heads, today? Here is a Yamaha two Cylinder Block. Rich
  8. Sledding - General Discussion
    Who makes aftermarket flywheels? Jetnetics, used to make Seadoo flywheels, but I think there out of business. Anybody, make any flywheel adapters? Rich
  9. Sledding - General Discussion
    If you have an Old School Engine Build, or Big Bore, please post it. The more radical the better. If you have part numbers, and photo's, dyno sheets, that would be great. Pre 2000 motors only. Thanks Rich
  10. Sledding - General Discussion
    My $30 a pair Seadoo 650/657 (78mm x 68mm) Cylinders, on a 670 Block given to me. Rod is broke, don't know the history of the blown 670. With a 617 Crank, would make a 650cc engine. Has anyone, adapted a set of 670 Cylinders onto a 583, 617, Case? If so, what Piston did you use. Yes, the case...
  11. MXZ / Legend / Summit / Grand Touring / Formula
    Hey. I have a blown up !997 mxz 583, left cylinder is fried. would a 617 top end work with the 583 bottom end?
  12. Sledding - General Discussion
    Any one have any Skidoo/Rotax Tuned Pipe CAD, etc., files that work good for any Skidoo/Rotaxs, 380, 503, 583, 617, 670??? Rich
  13. Sledding - General Discussion
    I'm looking for a Dual Plug Ignition for my 90s, 583, 617, 670 engines. Has anyone ever adapted an Arctic Cat Dual Ignition to a Skidoo? Rotax use's a Ducati Dual Ignition on their Ultralight line of engines for the 503UL, 582UL, 618UL. Only the 1993-94 670 can use it. I'm told the rear part of...
  14. Sledding - General Discussion
    Anyone have any CAD files for any stock Heads, Cylinders, Blocks, Cranks, Billet Race Heads, Head Inserts/Domes, for the older 80/90s engines? Mainly interested in the 277, 292, 299, 377, 380, 470, 503, 521, 583, 617, 670, engines. Rich
  15. Sledding - General Discussion
    Does anyone know any of the Head & Cylinder & Y Pipe, Bolt Patterns, for some of these older motors. Do you have a CAD, or PDF drawing of them you can send me? [email protected] Or maybe a web link to some. 277 299 377 447 503 521 583 617 670 Rich Gillen
  16. Sledding - General Discussion
    LOOKING FOR CYLINDER PORT MAPS OF THE OLDER SKIDOO 277, 380, 440, 503, 470, 580. 582. 583, 617, 670. HEIGHT AND WIDTH OF EXHAUST PORT IN mm, AND DEPTH (OUTSIDE OF PORT TO PISTON DISTANCE) in mm. Using this guys programs "Pipe Designer" and "Cone Layout". also this Cone...
  17. Sledding - General Discussion
    Does anyone know the CCs of the stock skidoo heads? 380 470 583 617 670 670HO Does anyone know of a formula for figuring your compression. Say I have a stock Seadoo Rotax 657(68mm stroke x 78mm bore) with 38cc chambers, what is my compression? Now, if I put on a Billet head with 31cc Inserts...
1-17 of 17 Results