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  1. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    So my tach isn't reading right, when I use full throttle it was only reading 6k, after an hour it did reach up to 6300. The next day it only read 5k then shut it down and only read 4K but still pulls hard and revving high. Any ideas?
  2. Elite
    Does anyone have or know where I can buy a vehicle control module (VCM) for my 2004 Elite? My other question is has anyone found a way to replace this module and or the other ones in the system with some electronics from other skidoo models. There must be a solution other than parting out an...
  3. Sleds For Sale
    Item: MXZX 600 HO Category: Sled Year: 2004 Location: Richfield Springs NY Price: $3000 2500 miles new pistons ,rings and reeds 200 miles ago .call ,txt or email for pics 315-868-9267 [email protected]
  4. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    Hey all, Well, i've been snowmobileing since i was two, and finally got myself a rev, adn did my first season of alone riding. a good 1700 miles. Pretty happy. I bought a clean 04 rev 600 ho. Around 6500 miles when i bought it, all dealer serviced and such. Always ran semi blend brp oil when i...
  5. Wanted To Buy
    Year: 04 REV Location: Madison, WI Looking for the following parts. Please PM with pics (if possible) and price shipped to 53719. Thanks. Hood w/ mounts LH panel Front bottom pan LH bottom pan Bumper Upper LH A-arm Left switch/ctrl housing
  6. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    I have a 04 renegade 600 ho and for some reason the tach dosent do anything at start up it moves very little then nothing. I have replaced the tach itsself with no change everything else works headlights dash lights. i bought the sled this way so im not sure whats wrong.
  7. Sled Parts For Sale or Trade
    Item: 04' Rev Seat Category: Sled Year: 2004 Location: Madison, WI Price: $75 Used REV seat off my 04' Adrenaline. Small tear shown in picture, otherwise good condition.
  8. MXZX Race Sleds
    so the 04 i picked up is still giving me problems with boggingand just dies has no prower no matter what i do, i have cleaned the carbs more than once, and i have some questions, 1.For one it seems like theres like some sandy grit in the carbs when i cleaned them and i found traces of it in the...
  9. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    what is the resistance supposed to be on my rev 600 04 sdi how can i tell if i have broke it?
  10. REV Chassis - Mountain Sleds
    Ok so i went for my first ride on my new to me 04 summit and it was awesome at first but about 5 min into the ride i started getting idle hang not from not back shifting it kept me moving. It would go away with a few blips of the throttle. Then about 15 min into the ride i noticed a little bit...
  11. REV Chassis - Performance and Trail Models
    My motors needs rebuilt due to a burnt piston. 4700 miles on sled. im going to send my motor off to mcb performance in michigan to have it fully rebuilt and then after that the sled will be for sale. but i was just wanting some tips on pulling the engine out of the sled.
1-11 of 11 Results