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Ski Doo
Mach 1
Red, Black
When we brought her home...(2013)

Her first time up north...(2014)?

Second trip up north...(2023)

Last trip it started running like dog crap on the 3rd day, along with only revving up to 7000 sometimes 7500ish the whole time. Carbs were gone through before we went on trip. Got home, turns out the middle carb screw for throttle vibrated itself out so wasn't getting any power out of middle cyl. You can see the screw down below. Simple Fix..

Anyways, looking into the clutch thinking that might've been why it wasn't revving all the way and was also making noises when at a stop.. belt not sitting as high as it should and wear marks at bottom of main drive clutch looks like it might've been bound up.. looking around i see my rear suspension shock is sitting at bottom of track, axle in track skid broke bolts of both sides. Tracks ruined so we cut that off and take suspension out.

While that's all out, lowering a tooth on chain-case smaller sprocket. So, (24/43) vs (25/43) stock. Putting 01 mach z clutch with upgraded springs, pin weights, and 286 ramps back in for now. Putting middle studded track on(machine has never had studs). Suspension fixed, Studded track, Carbs Fixed, New top end gasket kit, new driver bearing, Dynoport can. Thing should be a rocket next time I take it out. Also got a new red seat to throw on.


Dynoport can