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General Information

Pro Street Monte Carlo
78500 Miles
Severely modified Monte. <br />Two motors, one for street crusin and one for the strip. <br /><br />Street:461 big block, GM closed chamber rec heads, comp custom grind roller cam, VJr intake with a Eddy carb on top. Makes 610 dynoed HP and pushes the big a-body 11.5 E.T.s all day before the backhalf mod. <br /><br />Strip:572 merlin aluminum 'X' block topped with INDY race heads, custom sheetmetal intake, NOS ready, with a modified 1350 Demon carb. I am running a full roller hydraulic valvetrain with another custom grind comp cam with lots of lift and duration. Custom tuned hookers extrauct the exhaust. Too many other goodies to list, but this motor is fussier than a two-stroke!<br /><br />I run Comp Eng. suspension all the way a round. Custom back halfed and tubbed. Mosier bullet proof 12 bolt axel with a Eaton ripper for the street (4:11) and a Harland custom spool for the strip (4:56). I run 21.5 by 33 MTs and 22 by 33 Goodyear drag pros. <br /><br />Custom interior with the original swivel buckets out of my '76 monte. 12 point roll cage ith RCI his/hers 5 point harnesses. The car has been lightened extensively to weigh in around 3300 lbs. I lost 85lbs just by replacing the hood with fiberglass.<br /><br />The merlin block hasn't been tested to it's full potential at the strip yet. The car needs wheelie bars and chutes before I unleash it. But as of now it runs a comfortable 9 second 1/4 mile. I am currently re-painting the body and working on a modern hillborn style injection sytem for the 461.



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