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#23855143 Ski-Doo wants you to Grease your engine mounts!!??? 800 E-Tec

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 22 April 2021 - 08:18 PM

I'm happy with the power of the 800. And I do like power. Never rode an 850 and don't want to till I can afford one. I bought the XRS for the premium shocks. Fast trailrider but don't like to jump anymore. XRS is to stiff of a ride for me so I've been playing with valving and finally got it where I like it. Had to put dual rate springs on the front shocks to get a decent ride in the stutters. Depends on what you looking for, if you want to ditch banger it's good to go. If you want more of a plush ride for long days and weeks you'll need to revalve And respring. I'm old and fat so I'm picky with ride quality. I'm curious what's he asking for it?

#23855037 Ski-Doo wants you to Grease your engine mounts!!??? 800 E-Tec

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 22 April 2021 - 06:09 PM

I'd want to do a compression test. It's a pain to pull all the plastic and it's a pain to get the plugs out and compression tester in but it would tell you a lot. 150 psi both cylinders is ideal. mine held that compression right up to 13,000 miles. I'd want to know if he always ran full synthetic, ideally BRP. I'd want to know if he ever did the isoflex on the PTO bearing. If he didn't I sure would do it before I rode it. If he never did the shocks I'd get them all an oil change at the very least. Don't mean to scare you off but I'm a wrencher and that's how I got 19000 MI so far. 13 thousand on the original motor before it failed. Also at 6000 I'd be looking at all the bearings, wheels, Axle, and the rear suspension bushings if they were never disassembled and checked. Again I'm a nut and do these things every year. Granted that's four to five thousand a year.

#23834397 Went from 2 to 20 grease zerks

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 04 April 2021 - 08:23 AM

4 to 5000 miles a year average. This year my worst year due to lack of snow. 2000m. With 5000 miles I tear apart everything except motor. Repack every bearing top to bottom.

#23833969 Went from 2 to 20 grease zerks

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 03 April 2021 - 07:35 PM

2016 800 XRS, been doing the rear suspensions for years, drilling and tapping. Don't know how you got 10 in there I've got eight I thought I'd cover them all. Finally got sick of replacing the plastic bushings every year and greasing only to find them Rusty when I tore them apart in the summer. Bought some of the cheap probably oil light bushings, drilled and tapped the top of the two upper a arms. Had to put 90 degrees in the front upper a-arm to get access. Drilled for holes in the two lower A-Arms facing down. Even drilled holes in my skid plate with plastic plugs that I'm going to tape over just to make sure they stay in place. So now I can grease everything during the season. As far as the lower ball joint I've been putting in a needle type Grease fitting in my grease gun raising the seal up and with a bend in the needle I stick it up in there and squirt a full of grease, work it around and let the extra ooz out. Those joints have 19,000 miles on them and they are tight as new. Also I hit the steering ball joints with 90 weight gear oil after every ride. They're still pretty tight after 19000 miles. There's no zerks on my steering column. Never heard of any on x p or x s model. Just tore into them the first time and the upper one was dry but very little wear even paint on the steering shaft yet. Lower one plastic look good but paint was worn and one of the two seals needed replacement

#23828277 Reed Destruction - Thoughts

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 31 March 2021 - 06:39 AM

I think I just had $270 into all new BRP reads, I do get a discount. Except for a couple little tatters at the tips mine lasted 17,000 MI. Have heard they've updated materials but mine were for a 16 800 eTec.would never consider aftermarket with that kind of longevity and small horsepower gain from aftermarket.

#23828197 800 e tech ISO flex between Case and crankshaft lobe PTO side

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 31 March 2021 - 06:14 AM

I even considered taking and old seal drilling a hole in it, drilling a hole in the seal retainer cover and hooking a vacuum test pump I have to it. I think it's Overkill. The way I pack those cavities full the Grease has got to go somewhere as the bearing is churning up the initial isoflex. My main seal was completely covered in isoflex after 1,000 MI, I mean the somewhat hard grease is formed completely right up to the face of the bearing. the bearing and cage had very little on it. It has to go somewhere. There was even a little bit expelled out the PTO seal this time. Highly doubt that inner seal is worn out due to the fact the bearings are good and all the grease it's seen from my repackings. I'm overly cautious but not willing to split the case. Plus I go back to 13,000 miles out of the last one! Not ever seeing an inner seal, glad to hear that it's designed well to keep it in place.

#23826703 800 e tech ISO flex between Case and crankshaft lobe PTO side

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 30 March 2021 - 05:51 AM

Daag44, I used to replace the main seal every couple years on my 800s but I think that last one went 13,000 and never leaked and this one's at 6,000 and does not leak. I think going in there every 2,000 and cleaning the seal lip and crank helps. Also I have the $50 tube of petamo Grease BRP calls for for the lip.

#23825531 800 e tech ISO flex between Case and crankshaft lobe PTO side

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 29 March 2021 - 12:29 PM

Talked with northern crankshaft today, found out there is no seal on either bearing of PTO end of crank, that is there's no seal where they face each other. He said probably not a good idea to pack the outer bearing as full as I do, I describe the grease that I see between the lobe and the case and he said he's not thinking the seal blew out it just escaped out. That's good news, then I told him I got 13,000m out of the last one and he said whatever you're doing it's obviously working. Keep doing it. May start to leave a little space in there when I repack them but I like the idea of that the grease oozes out of the outer bearing and reaches the inner bearing. He said the center two are oil fed so that makes me feel good about their longevity. And I hit the mag side for the first time with Grease so I'm going to run her. New Pistons wrist pins and bearings just to make me feel good, let's see how long this runs this time.

#23825527 800 e tech connecting rod small end blue?

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 29 March 2021 - 12:23 PM

Talked with a northern crankshaft today, they say the discoloration is due to the fact the E-Tech runs lean. So yeah it occurs during operation. He says the E-Tech cranks are good for 3,000 miles! Well the last one I got 13,000 out of and it didn't fail because of the crank. 500 bucks Pistons wrist pins and bearings. I'm going to freshen it up and run it.

#23822621 800 e tech connecting rod small end blue?

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 27 March 2021 - 03:12 PM

So I got my cylinder off, 6000m, ran great just knocked a bit due to piston cylinder wall clearance I believe. And I shouldn't say knocked it just clicked when I had the side covers open and I listened close. Used a hose to my ear so I'm sure it was coming from the motor. Anyway connecting rod big end looks perfect no discoloration no slop. Wrist pins look perfect, just the small end is very blue over most of it where it surrounds the bearing. Is this normal? wish I knew how to post picture, Thanks

#23811729 Need help with pulling my first E-Tech top end part.

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 21 March 2021 - 04:39 PM

THANKS AGAIN Daag44 and Doobidoo!! I went to advance Auto and got the pressure tester and found my leak at the rear of the heat exchanger. Apparently a weld failed. Right at the spot where the two side runners are welded to the cross section of the heat exchanger. Doesn't look like it took a hit just failed from all the miles and heat cycles. Should be an easy fix. Going to need to flush the whole system and get it cleaned out for the welder. Not my motor thank goodness. Still going to throw pistons in it because I hate to break a skirt and buy a whole new motor. I'm back at it.

#23807099 How to replace the rollers/helix change on a QRS Secondary

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 18 March 2021 - 07:35 PM


#23805111 2016 XRS 800 E-Tec fuel pump replacement advice.

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 17 March 2021 - 07:16 PM

So after 19,000 mi getting kind of scared of walking and on my last ride I had the motor drop out for a second or two when throttling up. Never done this. So I'm starting to throw parts at the old girl. Tore into her and got the fuel pump out and looking for a replacement I found a place called quantum fuel systems that sell the pump and the regulator for $79! Lifetime warranty. First off anybody have heard of this pump? Recently there was a post for a replacement pump but it was not specific to the skidoo like this company claims to be. For the price I can't go wrong especially with the lifetime warranty. Have seen Bosch pumps that look like they may work and trust the name, or Delphi. My gosh there's pumps for $12 that they sell at the auto stores. Only want to do this once! Looking for any information anyone can share on what they've bought that has worked and held up.

#23802117 Reed Destruction - Thoughts

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 16 March 2021 - 10:21 AM

Defective.?OEM lasted 13,000 for me.Barely a corner tattered.

#23801441 thinking of a gas caddy for a 13 600 sport, how often do you use it?

Posted by DOOLIFE800 on 15 March 2021 - 11:00 PM

Feeling of security is priceless.