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#23891109 Can Am Defender

Posted by Thumb2bar on 09 June 2021 - 02:39 PM

New wheels were dropped over the last few days. Just looking at them still wrapped in the protective shipping materials, the sight of them left me concerned about wheel well/fender clearance. My ITP mud tires are labeled 30". So getting 32" tires no big deal right? Wrong! I should have measured the ITP tires. When I did, they came in at 28.5" best. Look at the difference, the MotoClaws are true 32" tires. Close to 4" difference in height. Mounted the front first, tested. about 2" of clearance at wheel well, plenty at XMR extended fenders. Whew! Lesson from this. Do not believe what is molded for tire size. Measure! Anyhow, this setup looks strong, should improve traction in many conditions. Extra two more inches of ground clearance, which is great for riding over blowdown trees on trails in the woods. Drawback- the tailgate is even higher now, it was high to begin with on the XMR,  can be an issue lifting heavy stuff into bed. 

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#23887893 Can Am Defender

Posted by Thumb2bar on 06 June 2021 - 06:24 AM

Just ordered new wheels/tires for my Defender XMR. Yikes, pricey. ATV tires are as much or more than ten ply truck tires for my 3/4 ton diesel! Choose to go the wheel/tire route versus just the tires so I could swap the mud wheels back on easily if things get boggy. The stock ITP mud tires are 30" and super aggressive tread, I hope that the 32" Motoclaw tires can do OK in the wet steeps . I may look for a set of chains for snow, the mud tires were terrible in any snow more than four inches going up steep hills.  

#23881173 800 E-Tec, should have split the case.

Posted by Thumb2bar on 26 May 2021 - 11:00 AM


 My 09 800r with 7,000 miles did not groan or rumble before it locked an inner bearing. But it did stall as it began its last breaths , two or three times before completely locking a bearing, each time I was able to restart and go another five or so miles. 

#23869771 800 Etec longblock

Posted by Thumb2bar on 10 May 2021 - 05:21 PM

All of the BRP 800r and Etec long block exchanges come with head installed from my experience. Not sure on the short block, doubt it. 


Why not buy one from Ski-Doo? I just priced one recently and I do get a heavy discount but it was $2,200. I think the list price is $2,800. Not sure what long block means for sure. But what I priced was everything but the head.

Because I expect more than 13,000 trouble free miles from a big twin two stroke that vibrates like Jenna Jamison's favorite toy! Woops, not family friendly, and just kidding on the 13k. Tough to argue against what has been a very incredible engine from BRP/Rotax. 

#23868725 ‘12 XRS Switches/Wiring

Posted by Thumb2bar on 09 May 2021 - 05:54 AM

Maybe heated seat? 

#23860333 Dupont Hyfax for Skidoo

Posted by Thumb2bar on 28 April 2021 - 06:21 PM

DJM is still one of the best posters here on Doo Talk. I think his knowledge of all things mechanical is stellar. I agree with his opinion about the need to keep the market for get fast parts alive and well.  But one thing that has been missing from this thread, from the get go is.....bearings. Do we not realize that there are hugely superior idler bearings to stock that will also give results of better mileage, range and even top speed? And at a fraction of the cost of Dupont hyfax? The assumption also has people checking their idlers. Why should we with Dupont swag? Stock hyfax will perform extremely well under normal conditions, and once they wear out( 4,000 plus miles, still good and I ride crap!) they are one third the cost of duponts and good replacement bearings are $40. Swap them out every year if you feel they are slowing you down. I have a set of duponts for my 850, saving them for when I really need them????

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#23848187 Can Am Defender

Posted by Thumb2bar on 16 April 2021 - 05:32 PM

In the first pic, looks like the driver was getting impatient with so many pictures . :P  

#23841391 '12 MXZ XRS New Owner - Lots of questions!

Posted by Thumb2bar on 10 April 2021 - 09:00 AM

...and maybe he bought it on the cheap? If you look closely at the plastics, the sled is very clean for a 12. Its missing twenty dollars in seat plastics, big woop. Front shocks, if on the cheap, big woop! I like projects. 

#23840253 Snowtrax sled of the year?

Posted by Thumb2bar on 09 April 2021 - 09:14 AM

Not weird at all. The 137 motion is still the bees knees for rear suspensions, have ridden them all. The axys/matrix steers easier than any doo, apples to apples. I have spent considerable time and money trying to make  my doos steer easier because of a torn rotator and longish days in the saddle. I have done what I can. I ride in tight woods, lots of mountain riding with dips and rises in short stretches.  Hop on a Poo, and it is point and shoot, little effort. Build quality/finish is still doo, and Poo is seemingly more expensive than Doo now, again apples to apples. Motors are pretty equal, though I thinks Doo are still a bit more efficient.  I like the ergos equally on Doo and Poo. Make a Doo handle like a Poo, and it good bye Poo for me! I checked the SOTY well before it was named the same by the clowns. 

#23838955 '12 MXZ XRS New Owner - Lots of questions!

Posted by Thumb2bar on 08 April 2021 - 09:54 AM

It is an XRS, wider running boards. Many people swap out the front shocks from XRS to X to lower front ride height and keep it flatter in the corners. That may be what happened here.....

#23838577 09 MXZ gas guage only registers HALF full

Posted by Thumb2bar on 08 April 2021 - 06:11 AM

Google it. I had same issue with my 2009 800x. You need to remove sliding airbox and access the fuel sender on the tank. You then rotate the sender in the grommet to align an arrow, which way, I don't recall. But it is a relatively easy fix. 

#23836461 Bought a 19 850 Blizzard, any special attention needed

Posted by Thumb2bar on 06 April 2021 - 07:14 AM

Replace the oetiker clamp on the head outlet with a gear hose clamp. There is a bulletin, notice, recall I think. We had one let go on a 19 this season, what a mess and killed a morning. 


Tried to copy and paste bulletin campaign # 2019 -10 , but this POS site wont allow it to happen. 

#23805003 KYB 46mm Performance Shocks vs Fox 2.0 vs Elka Stage 4 vs Ohlins

Posted by Thumb2bar on 17 March 2021 - 06:37 PM

No brainer. Call Ian. He will provide the honest insight you need. The shocks you are getting are supreme IMO. 

#23792279 Small coolant leak.

Posted by Thumb2bar on 11 March 2021 - 07:59 AM

Be careful if twisting like Andre the Giant. The thermostat housing can get brittle over time with the heat cycling, and the other clamps in the area do not need to be stressed. Pry the tab back, eight o clock in picture above if clamp was clock,  on the Oetiker clamp and take a small screwdriver into clamp band and pry it apart. It will pop. We ran into yet another Oetiker clamp issue this weekend on my friends 19 850. The hose on the  outlet from the head let go, what a mess, and PITA to fix. Gear clamp fix there now as well.  

#23778633 High Mileage Sleds - Let's See What You Got.

Posted by Thumb2bar on 04 March 2021 - 03:12 PM

Wow! Any special maintenance or pre ride/post season habits? I'm guessing you have never overheated it and boiled out all the isoflex lol.

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Nada. I bought the sled a few years back with 12,000 miles for next to nothing. My plan was to rebuild the motor, and keep it as a back up sled. The sled is now a back up to a back up, my fiends ride it or I use it for trail maintenance/ work. The sled was run hard by previous owner. He ran XPS from day one, I have continued. Summerize per ECM.  I have done fuel filters every year, and do not hammer until it has fully warmed up. I keep the parts in the primary fresh. Thats it! Fires up instantly, idles perfect, great run quality.  It will get another 400 miles over the next couple days, as we are getting a decent group together for a couple loops. Fingers crossed!