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In Topic: LinQ SR21 Tunnel Bag on a 129" XC Chassis

Today, 07:43 AM

Cripes at that price, cut  piece of AZEC scrap and paint them . 

In Topic: 600R, seat of the pants, how does it compare to older 800s ???

11 June 2021 - 08:08 AM

I have some decent seat time on a friends 2019 600r. I do not know if the specs of the 600r motor have changed since then, but I can butt compare to both 800r and 800 etec, as I have had both until recently selling my 09 800r. Still have 2016 800etec. And an 850, Poo 800. We swap rides often, going from 600r to 800 or 850. The 600r is electric smooth and very able in just about every condition. I can push into corners with the 600r a bit deeper than the 800s. Good clutch from factory. I doubt there is a better 600 out there. But exiting, and pushing the flipper out of a turn, the 800's just have more oomph. 0-40 is about the same on 600r and 800's, but after that the air and fuel being gulped by the larger motor makes more power. Butt wise,  I feel the 800r has felt stronger than the 800 etec because of the carb hit/circuitry. The 800 etec makes as much power, just more linear/boring. The 600 and 800 etecs are almost too smooth. Now for the 850, love this motor once it starts gulping!  I has a hit around 6,250 rpms!

In Topic: 2012 800 etec no reverse or e start

10 June 2021 - 12:50 PM

Check the battery lead to starter, make sure connection is good at starter. Sounds like the starter is bad. Probably why fuse was pulled.

In Topic: 2012 800 etec no reverse or e start

10 June 2021 - 07:34 AM

You can try a slightly higher amp fuse in starter circuit, but I would bet the issue is with the starter motor itself. It may be shot/locked up. Do you know how to jump the solenoid? You can try that as well just to see if the 12v spins the shaft. If it does, that eliminates the starter motor. Did the 20a fuse blow when you attempted to estart?

In Topic: Can Am Defender

09 June 2021 - 02:40 PM

Sorry about the phone pics, sore neck on the way!