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REV 550 34mm Carb Swap for XP 550

22 November 2019 - 05:37 PM

I haven’t been able to find much on DOOTalk about it but I’m wondering if anyone has swapped out the 30mm carbs from their XP 550 and replaced them with a pair of 34mm carbs from a REV 550. The exterior sizes of both carbs are identical so other than finding the correct jetting for the bigger carbs it would be an easy swap.

My dad has an ‘07 GSX 550 REV and I have a ‘10 GSX 550 XP. His sled has always been faster than mine by several mph at top end and gets better mileage than mine as well even though the REV is a heavier sled. The exhaust side of both sleds is very similar (Y-pipes look identical) and the engine themselves are identical as far as I can tell. I know some have said the porting is different; however, when I replaced a cylinder and head on mine 2 seasons ago I bought a combo off an ‘09 550 (which would have been a REV) and everything was identical right down to the stamping and codes.

For those that have tried it:

- Was there a significant performance increase (e.g. top end, mileage)?
- What jetting did you use (i.e. stock for the REV 34mm setup or something different)?
- Were there any drawbacks?

I know it’s not gonna win any races and I’m fine with that. Buying a sled with a bigger engine is not an option and I like the fanners anyways. I’m just trying to increase the performance with what I have and maybe scavenge a few more mpgs and mphs in the process.