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In Topic: PWing... where are you?

Yesterday, 04:24 PM

a normal person yes, but my deposit was $0 being I know the owner of the shop and he wasn’t worried if I didn’t take it

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Well then that makes the decision a lot easier.

In Topic: PWing... where are you?

Yesterday, 04:22 PM

Those short trailers are tricky'est ....but still. Most people just go to fast.

I find swearing helps. :P

In Topic: PWing... where are you?

Yesterday, 04:17 PM


There is a restaurant there called Neat, they have bands every Saturday night in the summer, usually some big names for what I'm told. She was doing a sound check when we stopped for lunch.

That’s a cool and totally unexpected encounter, especially in the middle of nowhere like that. She’s a pretty down to earth and humble person though so it’s not surprising she’d be touring the small towns.

In Topic: PWing... where are you?

Yesterday, 04:10 PM

I'm not sure what I'm gonna do right now..... I knew things would be real tight and I've been saving hard for 6months too as Lorna has really stepped up allowing that to happen for me so I would have a down payment......

Struggling with internal emotions about taking handouts/handups...... have a lot to think about

Have you looked into other banks or lenders beyond your credit union? When we bought our house my own bank would hardly give us anything. The bank my wife was with (and who I’d had a vehicle loan with previously) were not offering much more. We went to a bank that neither of us had dealt with previously and got approved for more than we needed without issue. We’ve also both been with that bank since. It doesn’t hurt to look at other alternatives. I was feeling pretty down when I got the results from my own bank that I’d been with for nearly 20 years.

In Topic: PWing... where are you?

Yesterday, 03:56 PM

Officially backed out of my spring order Friday, gonna sit back and wait till next year or so. Just don’t feel comfortable with work and how slow everything is. Not like I don’t have a good sled anyways

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Does that put you out of some down payment money when you do that?