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In Topic: 2022 sleds available January 2021

14 January 2021 - 03:34 PM

I just bought a 2021 backcountry, not a spring order, but it hasn't arrived yet. I was told there were 2022s coming, going to dealers that had sold out. They were leftovers of 2021s, only one year warrantee? This may have changed  they just didn't have a program in place...


Some guys will be on a 2022 before I'm on my 2021....

In Topic: Glovebox ext cellphone holder

06 January 2021 - 07:29 AM

I think the 6.1 screen is smaller than the 65, the body is about the same, thanks for the info, the 6.1 should fit fine,

In Topic: Bent/twisted tunnel?

04 January 2021 - 09:50 PM

The way I read it is that there was no claim, the dealer found the damage to be minimal so he paid to fix it out of pocket. Now he has since found out there was further damage that has not been repaired. Hopefully the insurance company is understanding of the situation

This is the situation, no claim originally...


-The insurance company offered me a settlement, it was based on the value when it was written off, not when the accident happened. That being said I negotiated the number up a bit due to the scarcity of sleds in Ontario right now, having driven up the price. They allowed me to strip the sled of every accessory installed, I've already got my payment via e-transfer, and the ownership has been sent in.

-My new sled is expected to arrive any day at a dealer 6 hours from me, they have to put it together and there are 15 sleds ahead of me.

-I sent an email to the original dealer informing them of how upset i was that they wouldn't look at my sled right away, i was assured that there was a misunderstanding and they wanted it back right away. They were surprised it had been written off. I informed them that I felt they I paid the $1100 for parts and repair on a sled that should have been written off, and since I need about $1100 in parts for the new sled to make it like the old one, panels etc,I asked if they would supply the parts in lieu of returning the $1100. They said no. They feel they are entitled to the money as they did install parts and do the work. They don't believe the sled should have been written off. At the end of the day they missed that that track was 1-14" off to one side, and when I removed the rear adventure bumper and rack from the tunnel, the tunnel sprang 1/2" to one side.


There's no lesson to be learned here, I should have been more stern in the beginning to get the sled looked ASAP, but in my defense i was home recovering with a plate and 10 screws across my collar bone and a broken arm, the last thing on my mind was my sled.


It looks like I'm eating the $1100,


I have two options from here,

-take the settlement add $$$ and buy the new sled and get it in two-three weeks or so, spend $1100 and install new panels so it's what i want, and install the $5200 in accessories i have and have a 2021 sled.

-walk away for now with the settlement, spring order and get what I want, install the accessories. and have a 2022, but miss this season...

In Topic: 2009 Rev XP 800r brake caliper removal?

03 January 2021 - 10:52 PM

You can get o rings for $20 to rebuild the caliber..just did it on a buddy’s 2011...

In Topic: Bent/twisted tunnel?

03 January 2021 - 09:39 PM

You know on your typical trail bridge when a guy goes over it slow...as soon as he gets over he gooses it and digs a hole...eventually you get a dip at both ends. Our group got spread out, I was trying to make up ground, hit a dip before the bridge, got the skis up..and landed in the second dip...and up she went...it turned in the air touching the left ski first, rolling and tumbling,,,I few down the trail and not into the trees.

 I was in shock, my riding buddy and I both have some first aid and emergency crew experience, we knew we didn’t have much time before shock wore off...he got me to the nearest highway, I broke my collar bone into 6 pieces, broke my fore arm, popped a few ribs, cut my face. My fly F2 was destroyed...and I was wearing a tekvest that two Drs said saved my life. I had surgery the next day, a buddy saved me the 9 hour drive home by picking me up in his private plane.

lessons to pass on? 

-know the limits of you and your machine, no excuse I was going too fast, but my old sled had way better shocks, I should have adjusted my riding to the new sled. 

-Slow down, if you get spread out, the onus should be on the first guy to slow up, not get the rest of the pack to catch up

-wear a tekvest.



Doo Nut...... this is an excellent idea and great approach to the sport!!! You are very wise!


There are always posts on DT about accidents. I hate to hear about anyone being hurt.... or worse.... but I read them to learn what happened and hope we all will learn from them to make the sport safer. The sport has become more about high speed and high HP than just enjoying the great outdoors and that has been leading to a lot more serious accidents so stopping and thinking about how to be a better rider is important.


The Google Alerts approach is an even better idea! It almost should be a requirement to register a sled!