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900TR upgrade price difference on 2022 X and XRS Renegade models

28 February 2021 - 11:35 AM

Searched but didn't see this discussed so I will ask.


Looking to come back to DOO after trying something else for a while but I'm looking to see if anyone can provide a reason why the 'XRS' 900TR upgrade over the 850eTEC is $200 CAD more than the same upgrade on a 'X' ?

Here are the numbers...

2022 Renegade (base models, ZERO options)
XRS 850 - $17299
XRS 900TR - $18899 ($1600 over 850, $200CAD more than the X)
X 850 - $16299
X 900TR - $17699 ($1400 over 850)
2022 (base models, ZERO options) 
XRS 850 - $15149
XRS 900TR - $16399 ($1250 over 850, $150USD more than the X)
X 850 - $14149
X900T - $15249 ($1100 over 850)
It makes no sense to me, I can't see why the 900TR upgrade in the X or XRS trim shouldn't be the same price .  Maybe someone else can point out the differences for $200CAD price increase over the X?  I'm just enquiring about the 900TR upgrade from the 850 between models, I know the differences between X and XRS.
I haven't asked a dealer yet but I like to know things vs let them try to snow me.  :)
As a interesting fact, the 900T upgrade in 2021 was only $450CAD.  Gotta love paying for technology upgrades.