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#23768007 900TR upgrade price difference on 2022 X and XRS Renegade models

Posted by PLSSNW on 28 February 2021 - 12:42 PM

Oh I see what you are getting at....the diff is larger.   Yes.

XRS being top dog i guess they can ask for more...who knows.   Seems to be that EXACTLY!

I know I have talked to over 15 dealers all over NY and MICH and PA(my dealer closed) and working on XRS(900r) vs MACH pricing the MACH is a big jump up since I don't need or want the Gauge and SS system. Mach only comes with them.  SAME HERE, don't want the Gauge or SS either, hence the XRS 900R optioning

But Its hard to pass up on Mach so i guess its time to get off my   LOL, it is tempting