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In Topic: any reviews of the LED high beam lights on a G4?

Today, 03:06 PM

I just installed a set to compliment the Doo LED bar under the headlight and my Sii Alpha LED bulbs. From what I've read most who have them say they make a really big difference and people recommend them over the light bar when folks ask about it. Personally I like the bar. It really lights stuff up nice close to the sled. It's like an aux low beam so you can have both on at the same time. The way my sled was delivered from the dealer it was downright unsafe / unusable at night. I added the bar, Sii Alpha bulbs, & cranked up the headlight aim as high as it would go. The sled was then usable at night. I'm hoping these aux high beams complete the package. In the garage they seem bright as heck. After walking into the house I had a blind spot like I was staring into the Sun....LOL 

In Topic: Temp modual is a complete scam

Today, 02:47 PM

Are we surprised? With the G4 Doo took functional lighting off the standard equipment list and replaced it with $400 LED accessories. I now have the better part of a grand invested into the lighting of my 13K OTD snowmobile. As long as Doo is #1 they'll be able to get away with stuff like this. 

In Topic: Opinions on history of a 2017 MXZX 850 I just got

Yesterday, 08:32 PM

Going by percentages the sled spent it’s total run time in the following manner:

18% warming up at idle
47% putzing around at low speeds
33% in the mid-range
2% at 7K+

In Topic: Opinions on history of a 2017 MXZX 850 I just got

Yesterday, 08:16 PM

Based on 5,000 miles that’s an average speed of 25.7 mph. So yeah, the sled was not beat. Most average somewhere between 25-30 mph. Anything much over 30 is a fast rider. Keep in mind it’s all run time including warm-up at zero mph and crawling across parking lots, waiting at road crossings etc which really brings down the average.


24 October 2020 - 11:14 PM

Does it still track your location via gps

Yes, your phone has a built in GPS, no cell signal needed. Again I haven’t put it to the test, maybe someone else can chime in.