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In Topic: Tools for changing 800 etec plugs on trail 2016 xs renegade

03 February 2019 - 12:41 AM

changed my '15/800 @6000 looked almost new,if caps inside dirty-change wires and use dielectric lube.slipping short hose over plugs  helps insertion.plugs for etecs are auto indexed from factory,unlike  outboard plugs which are trial and use a different one /or shim washers.etecs when tightened should index themselves(mark first and visual check.

In Topic: 2014 800 ETEC running issue

03 February 2019 - 12:27 AM

make sure to ck plugs for broken porclen ,have had 4 ngk's in last 10 yrs,(upside down gap looks perf/plug right side up, porclen slides down and you cant see gap-th

In Topic: 15 renegade 600 carb jackshaft bearing

03 February 2019 - 12:22 AM

comes off sprocket end of shaft,a small inferred temp gun will help find overheated bearings b4 fail.replacing one now myself.temp gun on skid wheels works too,when replacing pull chain side seal off sprocket bearing so chain lube will oil top bear,-th

In Topic: 800 etec rebuild help

03 February 2019 - 12:12 AM

i'm in same boat,2015 800etec 7000mi.siezed up 3 weeks ago in tofte mn.after a 80mi ride(avg 40mph) and running 25mph for 4 mi on flat trail--then stuck rt piston.looks JUST like yours Im a bettin.150/25 #compression on rt rebuilding my self.rebuilt crank $800,cylinder 450+,pistons/gaskets/two motor mounts45 ea/oil ck valves/and bout nother 8/9 diff parts. PM me if you want total list. did my 08/800 in 2010 with 7200mi,ran another 7000 before uptrading to '11/800 bc that i put 11,000mi on then bought this '15/800etec.i am outboard mech for over 49 yrs or I wouldent  do it - pm me with phone # if I can help--th

In Topic: 09 renegade X 800R electrical/oil problems

02 February 2019 - 11:48 PM

had a 08/800,should get 300+.your cable needs readjustment.i rebuilt mine @7200 (2010) and remember changing cable adjust. many times.lots of threads bout  adjustments back search.think I used a 5/8" wrench to adjust 2008 book says .650" and I was using a 5/8"open end wrench to measure gap.THEN check oil consumpiuon to gallons of gas search.   cant believe we used that much oil back then ,now getting 1000mi (aprox) per tank me if you need pics from my doo manual-th