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#21089225 Le Ski-Doo Bleu - 2018 BCX seasonal review / log

Posted by andym2001 on 16 January 2018 - 02:56 PM

So I have acquired the regular 42" front end for the sled, along with a nice set of stage 3 Elka Shocks are on order.  Should make this about perfect for what I am after.  

Dad has a BCX - we put a set of Freeride KYB clickers on the front.  Haven't ridden it, but it should be darn close to perfect.  Its going to be a fun sled.  I agree with the gear up to a 23/45.  The 21 runs out really well (even with my XTX sidewinder 141 to 80) but a 23 would be a great compromise with the 1.6 especially. 


Glad you landed on the BCX rather than the POO - rode one in MI a few weeks ago, its no where near the same caliber of sled.



#20991554 Riding the UP

Posted by andym2001 on 08 January 2018 - 04:17 PM

We were up there too - rode near south range for a bit then booked back to Bergland where we stayed.

Found some snow by the Porkies the next day as well.

Better than sitting at home!


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#20332386 Summit wheelie

Posted by andym2001 on 08 November 2017 - 07:06 AM

I’ve seen em do Skilies... the wheels must have been an option. [emoji19]

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#18210161 parking lot superstars

Posted by andym2001 on 15 January 2017 - 10:41 PM

Was at a bar over the weekend with a buddy in Northern MN. We watched a guy on a Polaris IQ jumping all snowbanks.

We began brainstorming and decided to order a few shirts and leave them in the Linq bag and give them out as awards for stupidity, then advise them to purchase an FXR monosuit.


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#18111850 Ace Review - seems redundant maybe

Posted by andym2001 on 08 January 2017 - 09:19 PM

I grabbed a 13 900 ace for the wife last weekend knowing we had a riding weekend coming up in Michigan. I tossed a PB80 on it and threw some gauntlets on it and figured that was all it needed. Boy was I right.

The PB allows for 7600 RPM (not tuned... I'll drop a puck this week in Hope to find 8000) and 92.6 MPH on my garmin. I rode it a total of 30 miles, all she asked at each stop sign was if she could have her sled back. Trail manners are great, the corner pull is good, top end is similar to how my XRS is set up (geared and clutched down for a 2" track).

Next weekend for the boys run, I'll likely ride the 900 for more seat time and smiles.

24.7 MPG for the ace, XRS did 16... I was pleased with that as well. I tend to ride nicer with the wife.

Way to go Skidoo! This sled is great for every characteristic of trail riders.


#18014121 Hood Design 2013 Ace

Posted by andym2001 on 02 January 2017 - 01:33 PM

there was quite a few 2013 900 TnT demos out , The one we had at our dealer was a runner , speedo running almost 105 on gauge

Hope that's the one in my garage!

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#18005737 Hood Design 2013 Ace

Posted by andym2001 on 01 January 2017 - 07:20 PM

Picked up the wife a nice low miled 2013 900 ace. This as a build date of 11/12. Nice sled for her.

Went to install the LED light and stumbled into an issue with fitting it due to a good design which allegedly changed in 2014 models. Thought I'd share a pic as it's for sure a different detail. Looking forward to getting some miles on it next weekend. PB80 and the Cudney kit are on the way as well...


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#17894794 2016 XRS... Down, but unknown why...

Posted by andym2001 on 23 December 2016 - 08:35 AM

How does a 16 xrs not have warranty for this? That dealer plain sucks, ours wouldn't bat an eye at covering that.

I agree with you on it. My purchasing dealer was 2 weeks out, 1hr away. This dealer was immediate service and 10 min away. Hindsight... I should have left the thing in MI , 4 hrs away at Timberline to repair... prolly would have no issue, and had a reason to go back up there... I'm ticked that's how it went down with said dealer, but also happy it's not down still and unusable for the weekend, and New Years weekend.

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#17855962 2016 XRS... Down, but unknown why...

Posted by andym2001 on 19 December 2016 - 10:15 PM

Scoured the forums for two days looking for some information on any similar situation, but I haven't quite found it. Dropped it off this evening at the local dealer to get in for an examination, but with Christmas coming, its just going to sit... great timing!

Sled ran spot on Friday night on the 2017 season opening ride from Bergland up to White Pine... trails were perfect for the XRS.. smooth, but some bumps and untracked snow on the sides since the center was packed well! Was looking forward to getting 300 miles on for Saturday.

Several coors lights later at the Bergland Bay Bar, we woke up a few hours later and there was around 4-5" of fresh snow on the sleds. Things were looking up. We took off around 8:00 out trail 8 toward Bruce Crossing. Just before Ewen, the belt popped at about 65 MPH down the groomed trail, varying RPMs. The rider behind me noted a belt smell for about a mile. As I was trying to install the new belt, I noted the crank wouldn't roll over easily. I hit the E start button and it rolled over slow, and the starter wouldn't roll it over more than once. Towed it to town.

Called my favorite dealer Timberline Sports and got my rental squared away with Mark. Great service from him!

So, what would have caused the heat to take the belt off and hold the crank tight? A bearing seems to me to be the only logical explanation. What say you fellow DooTalkers?

Pic on trail 3 South of Twin Lakes... the 1200 ate a belt too...


#17817874 Hand warmers stuck on high?

Posted by andym2001 on 17 December 2016 - 07:27 AM

That's a heck of a problem... better on than off I guess.

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#10339529 leaving for u.p. at noon tomorrow. first ride of the year.

Posted by andym2001 on 07 December 2014 - 10:43 PM

We did trail 13 from bergland to rockland, mass city, Greenland, ontinogan, white pine etc... Hit some forest roads. Things were as expected and the reports aren't inaccurate... Wet spots galore, some groomed, some not, decent snow... They could use more. Stayed at Timbers. Tim and his wife have a nice spot. Clean, friendly and between the Hoop n Holler and bergland. Trekked out onto the lake between the hoop and bergland last night... There weren't a lot of tracks and we didn't stop to check the thickness... We will leave it at that. Chased down an 800ho Polaris with 400 miles on it... Thought they were supposed to be fast? 175 miles... No major casualties aside from a hand guard due to the combination of not remembering how to ride and the gobs of power of that etec ;) Good times, good hospitality and riding which was better than sitting at home. Keep the snow dances coming! Could not load pics directly. Use the link below. Andy. https://www.icloud.c.../#A1G4Tcsm9HFSp Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD

#7256290 '14 800 ETEC RPM Inconsistency

Posted by andym2001 on 12 February 2014 - 08:28 AM

Hey Joe................
What kit would you suggest for Andy to help with his problem?  Your video looks pretty convincing.  I am a flatlander like Andy and having some of the same issues.  I am having more of the RPM fade than the over rev (I have my clicker on 2 and max out around 8000).  I am not aware of what stock gearing is in the '14 BCX 800, so did you change the gearing on your sled in the video?  Would we need to on our BCX? 

You seem to have a lot more insight into this stuff than BRP is offering up, so if you feel you have a solution, please offer it up to us or PM me with the parts list that you would suggest we buy.  Per your website, I would consider myself a novice, so you may need to get the hand puppets out a little bit. 

I have owned 3 of Joes kits. They truly rock. I'm just pssing in my wheaties hoping BRP would figure something out. Spending another 400 bucks on my already 12,800 isn't what I'm looking forward to, but will be inevitable

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#7207674 '14 800 ETEC RPM Inconsistency

Posted by andym2001 on 09 February 2014 - 11:07 PM

Hi Guys... I have gone through the searches, gone through the Renegade forums etc, and there just is no clear answer on this in my honest opinion.  


I sold my perfect running 1200X a few weeks ago since I enjoy getting off trail more and more, especially with the snow we have here in MN... I'm missing the consistent 8300RPMs no matter the conditions... but thats another story.


Sled has 700 Miles on it already.  I ride northern MN (roughly 600-1000' above sea level (according to my Garmin)).


1) Clicker 3 is too high, Clicker 2 is sometimes fine, but still over, Clicker 1 is a horrible place to be (lacks performance and will not exceed 7600 RPM).  Temperature really makes a difference, hence the reason for these clickers.  This weekend was -10F up to +10F (optimal operating temperature in my opinion).  So there is 18.8g in the clutch, going to an adjustable pin weight and adding a few grams will solve the in-between 2/3 changing I have been doing.  Read on...  


2) as noted in other posts, the RPM's will go strait to 8000, then die off to 7300 then rapidly run its way to 8000, then keep on a-going to 8500 instantly.


3) belt deflection is set perfectly. (391 belt)


4) several times this weekend on a hard pull (1000' WOT) will just die to 7000, then while still holding WOT will not exceed 6500.  I'll let off, it will come back and run to 7500, then die back off.  This happened not only on hard pulls, but also off in the snow while ditch riding.  The inconsistency is not ideal.


5) No Engine Lights


6) this is sporadic, and the dealer says "nothing is wrong" since they will ride it 3 miles and not simulate the same circumstances this is occurring when I ride it...  They don't have the long pull opportunities.


7) Will the Plug and Go solve this? From what I have read, it tricks the ECU on the temperature.  This will not solve the 8500RPM upon WOT.


8) I was considering going to a 24 or 25t top sprocket thinking this will lug the engine harder and will not allow the engine to make it to 8500 RPM.  


I'm scratching my head here... the 800R's were so much more consistent, causing me to conclude the computer is just wreaking havoc on the 'optimal' performance of the machine.  


Thanks for your help, I am optimistic this thing can run better!





#6299474 can a one armed person ride a sled with modifications

Posted by andym2001 on 26 December 2013 - 10:27 PM

one of my buddies rides out west with only his left arm.  He has tried to develop a mouth throttle for his 600 etec, but he needs to chew more gum and doo jaw exercises.  Its possible and he can ride a 600 summit like a guy with two arms... I hope your son can do the same!



#5973145 2013-2014 snow report

Posted by andym2001 on 08 December 2013 - 10:40 AM

We've been here since Thursday night, one sled still on the trailer, and I have 3 miles on. Tire going flat on the truck, hot water not working in the bathroom sink, took an hour to get the snowblower running, took 147 pulls to get my sled running, my plasti dip wore on my handguards from the cover, trail gates are closed on our road, trails are untouched, and it's -22º out. We're having a great weekend!

Where are you on vermilion? We put 105 trail miles on yesterday. Broke trail all the way to the Viking Bar from tower. First ones to the crescent yesterday as well... It was chilly.

Cooks snowmobile club groomed the bearskin trail all the way down to the Viking. Wasn't too bad actually!Attached File  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1386517202.380643.jpg   84.53KB   5 downloads

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