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In Topic: 2015 skidoo 1200 mxz x decals??

Yesterday, 04:32 PM

When I got decals for my 09. My dealer did an search of all Brp dealers and found them at one way way up north.

Brp pays the shipping between dealers


Tried it, no luck.  Can't believe they discontinued one small part of the large decal.

In Topic: Leak down test???? What do you use

Yesterday, 04:31 PM

I'll definitely watch a few videos before I do anything

In Topic: Leak down test???? What do you use

20 October 2020 - 08:23 AM

A few tips. If the motor is on the bench find a way to secure it. Get it to tdc on the power stroke and put a breaker bar/socket on the crank end. If you don’t have help find a way to lock it. When you apply air pressure if it’s even slightly off tdc it will spin and slam the bar. I always did it alone, so set it so you can hold the breaker bar and turn the air on with one hand each. Let us know your readings.


Thanks for the advice.  The motor is still in the sled and I will have my father with me so i'll hold the bar and he can apply the air.  Maybe a dumb question, how do I know if it is on the power stroke?

In Topic: Leak down test???? What do you use

19 October 2020 - 12:08 PM

Thanks for all the replies, I bought the OTC leakdown tester off amazon.

In Topic: Leak down test???? What do you use

18 October 2020 - 01:00 PM

Years ago I used a Snap On one at my work. It showed a % of a leakdown...Fancy but not needed if you are looking for a problem.


Is there a issue or are you just wanting to know the general condition of your engine? I have done some leakdowns on engines keeping it simple. I use my compression tester. Pull the valve core out of the adaptor that fits in the plug hole. Make sure the engine is at TDC. Connect the air pressure to the adaptor. 100 PSI is fine. Then find the leak(s)


I'm just looking for the general condition, because I bought the sled used in the spring and want to go through it and while I have everything apart I figured who not check it.