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Cylinder cores needed.

30 October 2020 - 12:06 PM

Help us Help YOU.  Every year we get back a low percentage of cores we send out and it is becoming a real problem for our customers.


MCB is in need of most all GOOD cores for the Ski-Doo engines and happy to pay for them.


Monoblocks 623240 / 242 /246 / 249 / 041 / 046 etc. (see last three digits)


Singles 623262, 852', 436, 483, 480 etc.


Look under your benches, in the sheds, and on the shelves folks.... and CALL US . We'll make it easy and email you a ship label !


thanks folks - MCB Performance







Got Tools?

30 September 2020 - 01:02 PM

It was brought to our attention that folks here were having some difficulty finding a DooTalk sponsor that offers clutch tools.


Look no further, thanks to our resident clutch expert we stock LOTS of tools and below is some of our most popular and some that we make exclusively (like our Jackshaft tool). Check em out and feel free to browse the others on the site!


MCB Exclusive Jackshaft tool:




TRA Puller kit




P-Drive Kit





Its coming.....

02 September 2020 - 10:55 AM

they are in my hands right now....lets just say some exceptionally lucky customers are going to be VERY happy and some ECSTATIC !!  ;)





2014 800 Etec odd symptom

24 February 2020 - 08:34 AM

Posting for a customer without net' access and looking for opinions.


Machine is not here to diagnose in person.


2014 Etec 800 Engine is new and recently replaced and runs very strong. Did not have the issue prior to engine replacement. 


Starts and runs flawless but randomly ABOVE 6500 rpm it will "shut off" for 1-3 seconds and then immediately "turn back on" and continue.


Any thoughts folks? Sound like a voltage drop perhaps shutting down the injectors? Fuel pressure drop out? Ground issue? 


thanks - MCB Performance 

Looking for a set of late 500SS cases.

30 August 2019 - 09:22 AM

MCB is in dire need of a good set of 500ss (600 non-HO) crankcases. These need to be the LATE (XP chassis) version with the cast in boss for side mounting. 


Computer shows we had 2 sets but looks like they were labeled incorrectly and actually the early ones.  :headbang 


Thanks folks. - MCB