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In Topic: Nascar Discussion

12 April 2017 - 11:03 AM

I think I'd get more enjoyment watching grass grow than watching golf 😂😂

In Topic: Nascar Discussion

10 April 2017 - 10:10 PM

I didn't even turn the race on today. Spent the afternoon watching The Masters. Far more exciting than a Nascar race at Texas.

I haven't watched a Nascar race in years! Heck I don't even watch any sports during the day because I have too much going on. I stick to night time sports lol

In Topic: Nascar Discussion

09 April 2017 - 07:53 PM

I just finished watching Days of Thunder. darn I wish racing was like that now. I might actually watch it then.

In Topic: Why you didn't spring order? BRP please listen.

09 April 2017 - 07:50 PM

Why I'm not spring ordering....

1. Snow has been awful the past 2 winters forcing me to sell my Freeride.
2. Cost - Only because of the lack of riding I got in the past 2 years. It just isn't worth it to me anymore. I may buy another sled or I may stay out of the sled business.
3. Looks - I'm sorry but I don't like the looks of the G4s. I'd switch to a Switchback Assault if I did get another new sled.

In Topic: I went to the dark side.

05 April 2017 - 02:20 PM

If I was to buy another sled, it would be the Switchback Assault. I just can't get over how ugly the G4s are