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what boots to buy!!!???

07 January 2021 - 08:23 PM

i've been looking for a good set of boots the last few weeks not sure what to get


i was debating getting snowboard boots because i wanted to get into that as well and i don't really want to buy 2 different sets of winter boots if i don't have too. i just wasn't sure if those are also appropriate for snowmobiling.


any one have experience using snowboard boots for sledding, are they comfortable, do they keep your feet warm, are they functional???



if not what are some good options for boots??


2008 summit 800r 154

02 January 2021 - 07:42 PM

recently purchased my first snowmobile in may 2020, i've regularly started the sled every few weeks over the summer. 


i found one time it wouldn't start and kept hearing the starter relay clicking therefore, tested the battery found it to be dead and replaced it (pull start does work and sled runs fine with the pull start). 

After replacement of the battery i went to start it and it still wouldn't fire up and this time i wasn't even hearing the relay click.

i proceeded to replace the starter solenoid and it didn't solve the problem.

today i went and tested as many components in that circuit that i could.


brand new battery and it reads 12v

put 12v straight to the starter relay and it closes as it should

put 12v straight to the starter solenoid and it the sled fires up

tested the starter switch for continuity when i close the switch and it works as well as my reverse that also works.

i have 4 fuses on the right side that i found and they are all good tested for continuity

wasn't able to find any more fuses but if there are more it would be appreciated if someone could tell me where to locate them.


another thing i found is i am not getting any voltage to the starter relay when i press the start button so could the problem be somewhere between the switch and relay??


like i said the sled works if i pull start and thats fine i just want to resolve this issue.


if anyone has had this problem, a similar issue, or may know the problem could you provide some insight in how to fix this.


and if anyone has a wiring diagram for this sled that would be very helpful also, i just haven't been able to find anything online but the parts breakdown