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Bring back the triples!

22 October 2020 - 07:14 AM

So me, being a big lover of the old school triples, got bored in my math class. I love the idea of the big 4 getting into a horsepower shootout like it was back in the day so I decided to punch some numbers and get an estimate of some HP numbers that new two-stroke triples would be putting out. These numbers are based on the performance of both their 600-650 class and 800-850 class and I set a benchmark for each engine at a 1000cc triple as it was the easiest to use. Ski-Doo came in at a 200.7HP, Polaris at 201.8HP, Arctic Cat at 210HP and Yamaha at 212HP. Since I wanted to use the idea that each brand was using their own engine, Yamaha's was a bit more difficult to calculate as they aren't currenting making any big two stroke engines themselves. I had to find the performance increase perentage of all the brands and apply that to the numbers of their last triple, therefore Yamaha's is probably not as accurate as the others. Even a 900cc Ski-Doo E-TEC triple could possibly be making between 174-188 horsepower, and these are numbers from the factory. Obviously, there are a lot of variables involved with this, and I'm not saying that this would be precise at all. However, I thought it was pretty fun to see the possibilities that could be had with today's technology. I truly do believe that there could be a market for these sleds.