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#23871067 Jack shaft bearing

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on Yesterday, 09:02 AM

Others have mentioned going 20000 kms without issue on this bearing. Not sure if I would go that long before replacing.  I hate breakdowns!.  I would use a quality replacement bearing as others have suggested.  Names like NTN, SKF, FAG etc. Spend a few extra bucks and only do it once for the life of the sled.

#23848783 Are Dupont sliders worth the money??

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 17 April 2021 - 08:03 AM

Duponts worth the money? Value can be measured in more than one way. If you ride in perfect snow conditions all season long, then OEM will work fine.  Most of us ride in ever changing conditions due to weather, trail closures, etc. My OEM sliders lasted only 750 kms. I purchased the long version, re-drilled the front mount hole to be closer to the first insert, then cut them to length for my skid. I have inserts all the way to the rear. I have peace of mind when trail conditions go in the toilet, or I have to do some road running.  That peace of mind has value. I now have almost 8000 kms on them with minimal wear. If you do multi day saddle bag trips, the Duponts give you confidence when you're a long way from home, or a dealership. They are expensive, but in my opinion are worth it. Most people, once they get past the sting of the purchase price, and use them, have a positive opinion of them. Fun Dupont sliders have lasted longer than my engine! Lol.

#23845551 Dupont Hyfax for Skidoo

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 14 April 2021 - 07:00 AM

My original sliders lasted 750 kms. They wore 5mms at the front idlers. I replaced with the long version so I would have inserts all the way back. Re drilled the front mount hole, so I would have inserts into the front curve section also.  I have over 7000 kms on them and they have worn about 1mm at the front idlers. Original sliders had heat fractures every inch or so over the entire length.  They curled  when removed from skid and were on the shop floor. They are expensive, but offer great peace of mind when riding on snirt, or doing long multi day saddle bag trips.

#23842183 Northern Ontario Conditions

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 11 April 2021 - 06:45 AM

Very nice clean Corvette. Beautiful colour for it. I had a 78 Anniversary with the two tone Silver over Grey paint scheme for 17 years. Car worked well but the 185 h.p. 350 was hardly a bullet.

#23842157 Bought a 19 850 Blizzard, any special attention needed

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 11 April 2021 - 06:36 AM

Upside down pic....... hopefully not a  sign of things to come! I am a firm believer in fixing known issues before they become breakdowns on the trail.  Why ruin a days ride for yourself and others with you. Towing a sled sucks! I would rather wrench in October, so I can ride in February.

#23835891 BRP 5 year electric plan

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 05 April 2021 - 02:01 PM

Components of the electric motors and batteries in EV's require certain types, and amounts of Rare Earth Elements ( or metals). These are produced from mines in only a few countries around the globe.  Most currently are processed in China.  These elements are already considered "rare" and we are going to mine and process them in vast volumes for EV's.  What is the enviromental impact of the mining and harvesting .long term. How long will these supplies last? Lots of pitfalls and misconceptions around the EV movement!

#23823497 Larger rear idlers advice on 137” rMotion

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 28 March 2021 - 07:34 AM

Buddy of mine put the the 9 inch idlers on this year from tricked toys.  He has the 4 wheel kit on a 850 Gen4 XRS. Did not change the track. It lowered the rolling resistance a lot.  He said he can roll the secondary over with one finger now, He increased his top speed by 10 kilometres on the dream meter and his fuel range has improved.  He normally took a litre less than me at a mid day fuel stop. Now he is 3 maybe 4 litres less at mid day. He is truly impressed with the performance difference this change made to his sled. Very high quality pieces from tricked toys.

#23812681 Engine Braking

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 22 March 2021 - 09:44 AM

I have played a bit with my clutch set-up for this season and it works well, but I will continue the journey next season. Had a rough year! I have the weights ground to 36.5 grams. The Dalton white / yellow spring ( 117/225) and a new stock secondary spring (417127242) set to 21lbs. On full throttle blasts it hits 8300 to 8400 rpm and settles back to 8100 and holds it. The mid range pull is very strong.  I will replace the secondary spring with a Dalton Y/G and set it also to 21lbs as per Bar549's recommendations.  I think the stock secondary springs works well when new, but loses tension quickly, hence the change to the Dalton Y/G in the future. Currently, I don't know enough about Helix angles to make an educated purchase and it's too expensive to play trial and error with them.

#23812465 Season is coming to a end. I had a great season.

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 22 March 2021 - 07:37 AM

I managed to rack up 1750 kms for the season locally. Not bad considering the late start to the riding, and blowing / replacing an engine. Normally do a 5 day saddle bag trip during the season somewhere which didn't happen this year because of pandemic restrictions. I thought the trails were very good overall considering the amount of snow we received in southern Ontario and the traffic volume on weekends.  Early starts made for great riding.

#23812421 New spare belt with new sled purchase

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 22 March 2021 - 07:11 AM

I think they should provide the Heated Visor Plug as standard equipment. They already provide the wiring and connector below the console. The actual plug would cost less than 5 dollars at the manufacturers end to be included.  Cheap enough not to affect the MSRP and could be added as a feature in the marketing of their machines over the competitors. For those who don't need it, that's great. Yes, you will have "paid" for something you don't use, similar to some options in your vehicle that were part of a package that never get touched, that did cost a lot.

#23806035 2010 Renegade 1200 End of Season Maintenance

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 18 March 2021 - 08:10 AM

Another spring job to do is remove the drive belt once the sled is parked in it's seasonal spot. Chain case oil needs to be changed also. I disconnect the battery for the summer and charge it in the fall. Some leave it connected with a trickle charger attached.  Other maintenance items include cleaning clutches and replacing "O" rings in primary clutch. With my age, I started a new system of leaving a note in the glovebox of what was done in the spring for shutdown and what needs to be done in the fall prior to start-up....Now I just have to remember that I left myself a note!

#23797451 Post up your snowmobile pictures

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 14 March 2021 - 08:26 AM

A pic from Tuesday before the big thaw in southern Ontario. South of Bancroft.

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#23787145 Ticket - Speed Greater than Reasonable on Snowmobile

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 08 March 2021 - 04:01 PM

Hard to justify getting an attorney for this ticket. They want a hefty retainer up front, then the cost of appearing in court on your behalf,  plus all expenses incurred etc. Could be big bucks.

#23775423 Anyone feeling the need yet?

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 03 March 2021 - 08:33 AM

Engine was replaced due to an oil pump idler gear wearing out.  This plastic idler gear transfers drive from crankshaft to the pressure pump. Looks like the center bore wallowed out first, and as a result the gear teeth didn't mesh with the oil pump. There is a recent thread in the 1200 section about swapping a 1200.

#23772735 Anyone feeling the need yet?

Posted by Flying_Dutchman on 02 March 2021 - 08:08 AM

I think it's great that manufacturers continue to create a "buzz" every year with new releases or spring only offers etc. It's healthy for the sport. Currently I feel no need to replace my sled. It has 3 seasons on it and about 8000 kms (5000 miles). The engine has 1000 kms on it. So it is essentially a new machine again. I do like the Mach Z, but my Mach years are behind me now ( had 3 of them ). I wonder how manufacturers are going to create the hype when the sport goes electric in a decade or so?.....This new model features a 20kw fully variable servo motor!....just doesn't get the heart rate pounding does it?