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In Topic: Jack shaft bearing

Yesterday, 09:02 AM

Others have mentioned going 20000 kms without issue on this bearing. Not sure if I would go that long before replacing.  I hate breakdowns!.  I would use a quality replacement bearing as others have suggested.  Names like NTN, SKF, FAG etc. Spend a few extra bucks and only do it once for the life of the sled.

In Topic: New to me 08 800r ptek

08 May 2021 - 06:40 AM

Primary and Secondary clutches need disassembly and cleaning.  New springs? Like 12/3 mentioned go over all the normal wearables including track condition.

In Topic: Clutch Alignment marks

04 May 2021 - 06:56 AM

If you have a 16 it has the Bosch ecu and you can spin it as high as 8700 before it hits a soft rev limiter so 8500 is ok. No issues spinning it that rpm as most on here do it. Put on over 25000 km at 8500/8600 with no issues.

Just additional information on this 2018 sled which was manufactured (assembled) in 5/17 has the Bosch CPU also. Some of the date markings on the engine indicated July 2016. Clearly the model year of the sled does not mean all components are of the same year. Components made by third party suppliers can sit around for months at the assembly plant.

In Topic: Help planning a trip to the gaspie

25 April 2021 - 08:26 AM

I know this is an older thread but perhaps this information can help someone in the future.

There is a Bed & Breakfast that we have used in Perce. The house is old but comfortable and the lady that runs it can cook up a feast! The name is Au Coin de La Barge, phone is 418-782-1441. Snowmobilers are the only action in town during the winter. We were in town to get some beverages at the SAQ outlet, and get a closer look at the rock. Impressive at sunset!

In Topic: Are Dupont sliders worth the money??

17 April 2021 - 08:03 AM

Duponts worth the money? Value can be measured in more than one way. If you ride in perfect snow conditions all season long, then OEM will work fine.  Most of us ride in ever changing conditions due to weather, trail closures, etc. My OEM sliders lasted only 750 kms. I purchased the long version, re-drilled the front mount hole to be closer to the first insert, then cut them to length for my skid. I have inserts all the way to the rear. I have peace of mind when trail conditions go in the toilet, or I have to do some road running.  That peace of mind has value. I now have almost 8000 kms on them with minimal wear. If you do multi day saddle bag trips, the Duponts give you confidence when you're a long way from home, or a dealership. They are expensive, but in my opinion are worth it. Most people, once they get past the sting of the purchase price, and use them, have a positive opinion of them. Fun Dupont sliders have lasted longer than my engine! Lol.