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2018 Summit SP 850 E-TEC Brake Caliper Removal

08 March 2020 - 04:23 PM

Hey Everyone this is my first post and I am hoping to get some guidance. I have a leaking seal on the caliper of my sled. Probably went bad last year when I left the parking brake on (I got lucky) and the brake got hot. Ran it all last winter in the Tahoe area, no problem. This year I took it out twice when the snow out here was good. I lost pressure on my brake lever. Managed to diagnose ( hopefully) what the issue is. I've done a lot of researching on how to get this caliper off of the driveshaft, watched a couple of videos, etc. A lot of guys mention the puller from C&T? I've got the rotor loose and ready to pull this thing off. I just need the tool.. ? Here are some of my questions... do I need to detention my track and loosen the chain on the other side to make this happen? It seems pretty straight up, but I like to overthink things LOL.. unless it involves going fast. I am under warranty still and I can take it in. That is an hour drive to the nearest shop to get it fixed.. so I would rather not do that if possible. I also want to learn to fix it myself . The winter out here is low tide so I am not in a rush to ride.. but I would like it fixed. I've attached a couple of pics. Thank you in advance for any tips, direction , or advice. I hope some of you are out there getting it for those of us that can't.