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#18825794 2003 800 / Many Questions / TIA

Posted by Hangtown Earl on 02 March 2017 - 08:56 PM

Hey everyone how's it going? So I am not new to sledding, but I am a new sled owner. Recently I bought a 2003 800 MXZ. At least I believe it's an MXZ. It's a good sled, but older. The guy I bought it from did a lot of work to it. I have taken it out 4 times. Into the backcountry of the sierras. It has performed great overall. Since I am a new owner I have many questions. So any advice or tips are appreciated. My first question is this. After a couple of rides I have notice oil on the right side underneath the hood. It looks to be 2 stroke oil. I am not 100% sure though. I have looked for a leak source when idling. Near as I can tell is it could be coming from the reservoir cap? Has anyone seen this before? Are there other place to look for leaks? Note - He had used bombardier full synthethic.. I only have a polaris shop in town. I was told it was ok to use polaris in a ski doo as long as it was full synthetic. So that's what I did. Polaris is blue and Bombardier in the machine is red. Does this matter?


The 2nd question I have is this. So when I bought it, the guy went through how to start it. When cold full choke, then 1/2, then none etc. as it warmed up. It has always started first pull so far for me on full choke. When it's warmed up and I shut it off, it usually takes a 3-4 pulls to fire it up. Yesterday I took my wife out for a mellow ride of about 25 miles round trip. We had to go somewhat slow because of ruts and things. When we got back to the trailer I fired it up to load it. I noticed all the dash lights were on. When I hit the throttle they went off. I got it in the trailer and decided to fire it up. It would not start, not even with several pulls. I decided to just go home. The drive is about a 1/2 an hour. When I got home I tried to start on full choke to get it unloaded. It would not start with the full choke. I did get it to go on no choke. I let it cool off for a few hours and tried again full choke, no dice. With no choke it started 3-5 pulls. Same thing this morning. I pulled the plugs, and they were wet? My question, is what am I doing wrong LOL. I feel like I flooded it. And I am not understanding why it wont start on full choke like before. I apologize for rambling, but man I have a lot of questions. I need to learn how to work on this machine myself. I am so happy I bought this thing. It's so much fun as you know. Any helps tips are greatly appreciated. Daily pre ride inspections etc... what to look for , what to do, where to start.... I just don't wanna break down deep in the BC.. if I do I wanna troubleshoot and get home. Thank you again, I am determined to learn.. I have attached a couple of pics

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