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850 Jaws Timing

06 March 2019 - 08:59 AM

what are you guys running for timing with jaws setup?

and what about with a blend or straight race fuel?

Blizzard shock upgrade

04 December 2017 - 05:05 PM

I want to upgrade the shocks on my 16 blizzard.


I spoke with Ian at monster performance and before jumping on his deal - I wanted to get some opinions here.


I do mostly hard trail riding with the occasional ditch banging


Monster performance piggybacks for $695

Get a set of new Elka stage 2s with dual rate springs for $550

Get a set of used X clickers for $400


Then I still need to figure out the rear


Monster performance game me a super budget package to revalve all 4 shocks including stiffer rear and center springs and softer bump stops up front for $385

or a package that should meet my needs to revalve the fronts and center. Softer bump stops on all 3. Stiffer spring on the center and then an exit resi shock for the rear - this package is going to be near 900.


Is it worth the extra money to go with the the elkas or piggy backs on the front? or am i throwing away money where I will never feel the benefits for my riding style?


Ski-Doo GPS KITS - Rev XM, XS and G4 chassis

14 October 2017 - 09:42 AM

Brand new GPS kits

This is for all new XS, XM and G4 chassis


Includes everything you need to mount and install this on any Ski-Doo XM, XS or G4 chassis

Navigate the trails, charge your GPS and cell phone, and increase the storage capacity of your glove box.


Kit will come pre assembled as shown in the photos with the 6" Garmin unit mounted on the glove box extension.


This listing includes a $25 allowance for trail maps that will be pre-installed.

Upon purchase, we will discuss the trail system which you ride. I will then load and program the necessary trail maps into the unit and ship the complete kit.


Install time should only take 30 minutes and only requires a T25 torx driver and a 1/8" drill bit.

All electrical connections are plug and play - OEM Skidoo harnesses.


XM/XS Kits are $450 shipped in to Continental US

G4 Kits are $480 shipped in to Continental US


PM me here or Call/Text (917) 757-8501