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16' 800 ETEC 'Gade Meltdown Diagnosis

02 February 2020 - 08:25 PM

Well here I sit broken hearted, engine blown, can't be started. 


Sled is a 2016 Renegade Adrenaline 800 ETEC, ~3,200 miles. Had about 1,000 miles on the season so far and ended last weekend with this. Was running good and strong all season. 


Riding in northern Wisconsin that day was probably in the lower 30's (F), plenty of snow loose snow on the trails. Symptoms all came within 15 minutes of catastrophic failure. Sled died at a stop at an intersection, had to give it some throttle to get it going again, didn't think much of it. Ran like normal for the next couple miles. Then BAM, going about 60mph and the thing just looses all power and I come to a stop. Immediately assume I blew the motor, and expected it to be seized. Try cranking the motor, turns over no problem. Check the tunnel, not hot, just warm. After many attempts, get it running, but it's labored and sounds like it's just running on one cylinder. After many starts and dies, we realize it's not getting anywhere on it's own and start towing it back to the nearest road. We were baffled as to what was going on, and assumed it must be fuel or electrical related. While being towed, I tried starting it for edit for bad language and giggles and fired up no problem, sounded pretty normal. We stopped and put the belt back on and it ran 3/4 of the way back to the road strong as ever. The last 1/4 it bogged down, but still made it back to the road. 


After getting it back home, started down the path of fuel. Planned on taking the tank off and checking the pressure regulator, also got a set of plugs, as they looked a little grungy. After the plugs didn't fix anything, decided to check compression. Nearly thought my compression tester wasn't working, because it was reading a big fat 0. Dug my bore scope out and revealed the absolute carnage inside. 


Got everything all torn down today. Checked the fuel pressure regulator, still seated properly. I'll dig into the filters probably this week, to verify they aren't clogged (have only ever filled up at reputable gas stations, so I'm not expecting them to be). The PTO piston is the affected side. To me it looks like a lean melt down. I'm worried that it might have been an injector going bad. I'll continue tear down this week to determine if the crank is salvageable. But I'd really like to find root cause and not burn down the rebuild. 


PTO Piston
MAG Piston