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In Topic: 16' 800 ETEC 'Gade Meltdown Diagnosis

17 February 2020 - 07:42 PM

Are you guys actually just putting a top end on an engine after that kind of carnage?


I would worry about the bottom end every time I started it after seeing the mess that was in there.


I'm gonna end up doing a full rebuild, likely with an MCB Performance rebuilt crank. There's too much crap in the bottom end on the affected side for me to trust those bearings to last very long. 


2016 800 etec XRS. PTO side piston melted down at 13,000 miles. Stator coil went out and from what the mechanic told me the ECM tries to compensate and dumps bunch of voltage in the wrong area and causes the injector to malfunction. Got a new stator new motor under warranty and everything's fine. No injector service at all! It did cause the ECM to malfunction only in that the temperature digital readout would not work otherwise it worked fine. Was glad to get a new ECM to! All this he told me it was due to the stator failure. You may be lucky and the fact that you need to replace the stator now anyway. I would consider while the stator is out injecting some isoflex Grease into one of the holes. This lubes the mag side bearing. Something I'm going to do this year on my crate motor. I believe the only reason I got 13,000 miles out of my last motor is every 2000 I greased the PTO bearing with isoflex.Good luck


What condition was your stator in? Mine doesn't really have any visible signs of damage. Not really discolored from heat, nor does any of the coating appear to be damaged or missing. I still plan on replacing it as I it's still a potential cause and it's not all that expensive in the big picture. I'll also still be sending the injectors out for cleaning and flow testing. If I'm going to rebuild this thing ground up, I may as well give it the best chances for survival.  

In Topic: 16' 800 ETEC 'Gade Meltdown Diagnosis

04 February 2020 - 11:09 AM

Looks very similar to the damage that happened to mine a couple weeks ago although mine lost the MAG side piston, locator pin missing also. Unsure if a injector failed or what, i have a new set picked up along with a new shortblock to install next week when i get time.

I have a thread a few pages back on my engine, check it out. There a lot of info!



Have you gotten yours put back together? Did you get that injector flow checked? Is that something a dealer can do or will I likely need to get it sent out. I saw one place that did a cleaning and flow test for reasonable price. How did your stator look? I still need to look at boots and seals to see if there were any air leaks. 

In Topic: 16' 800 ETEC 'Gade Meltdown Diagnosis

04 February 2020 - 10:55 AM

Check your cyl it looks cracked into the water jacket by the guillotine look inside the water jacket from the top


Yeah, I put that picture in there because of that and forgot to mention anything about it. There's a crack between the big and small exhaust port, then another one running into the small exhaust port, but it's between intake and exhaust ports. Not seeing anything in the water jacket, but that doesn't mean it's there. I'm kinda under the impression that it was form the carnage of the piston. 

In Topic: 16' 800 ETEC 'Gade Meltdown Diagnosis

02 February 2020 - 10:19 PM

Some more up close photos. It's clear the pin was ejected, there's a mark on the cylinder wall. The ring is also 180 degrees from where it should reside. Which came first the pin or the lean condition?
Ring Gap Exhaust Port Side
Missing Pin
Cracks Between Ports
Pin Ejection

In Topic: 2016 Ski Doo Renegade 800 ETEC

17 February 2019 - 01:52 PM

Same here. Upgraded from an '03 Rev 600 to a '16 Renny Adrenaline 800. I wanted a 600 again but it was a sled with 748-miles for $7k. He MADE me buy it!


Gas & oil sippin' machine. I'm thinking it's the last sled I'll ever buy at my age (62) and with the weather changing in NYS.


I too went with a '16, picked mine up last week. Super pleased with it thus far. The way the pieces come apart is very encouraging.