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98 MX 670 Clutching issues

16 March 2015 - 08:32 AM

I have 2 problems occuring right now and have searched on here and the internet but need more advice.


1: My secondary is really really hard to open up on the sled. My sled will push sideways and still cant twist apart the sheaves. I'm thinking this is not right. It will open up but with alot of force.


2: Clutch alignment - I rebuilt the engine but my primary is not straight compared to my secondary. Do I need to shim the engine up to straighten it?

98 MXZ 670 Ignition Timing misalignment

05 March 2015 - 09:27 PM

As you can see in the picture that the yellow alignment mark is way to the right as the Mag side Piston is at TDC. If I align the marks on case and Magneto then there is about a 1/8th" drop from TDC. I do have a manual but can not find anything relating to this problem. Any clues????

Any clue on why both Pistons broke here. 98 MXZ 670

28 February 2015 - 06:08 PM

Both Pistons broke a chunk off right where the ring holding pin is. This pic is the Mag side. The PTO side was all black and looked burnt and had more damage to the top of piston right where the RAVE valve is and looked like a real lean condition with a dark/Ashy Plug...This piston here was still a nice brown color on the plug. These are the stock Elko's. Has anyone seen these break here and possible cause...4500 miles and I ride it hard. I will be checking crank bearings and replacing PTO side seal which I'll buy altogether with two Pistons. I'll try my luck with SPI brand Pistons...Head looks good with no pits but I'll be checking/cleaning carbs and seeing if Oiler is up to snuff. Must be a weak spot in these Pistons.


When it happened/died on me I had it WOT on the bay for about 30 or so Seconds racing a Buddy and it just had total power loss and died. I held the throttle open to start it up and it did start and ran great for about 3 minutes of easy riding getting it closer to home then it died again. At that point I had him tow me about 2 miles to my House.

98 Formula Z 670 Master Cylinder

17 February 2015 - 02:55 PM

I recently traded one of my older Travel Trailers for a 96 Formula Z 583 which runs great and a 98 Formula Z 670 with a 2 place trailer. The only thing wrong with the 670 is I need a Master cylinder. It leaks and wont stay bled. My question is will a newer ZX or REV brake lever/Master Cylinder work on this machine. I believe it's a standard 7/8 bar although the person I got it from put a 5'' riser with extensions and also fabbed a newer REV seat on it. Looks pretty sweet but needs Master Cylinder. I already put a new rotor and Caliper on it. I can get a ZX/REV style MC really cheap. That is why i'm asking and not getting one that is for the sled.


VIN Decoders..... Are These Top Secret????

21 January 2015 - 11:31 AM

I looked for quite some time to check the VIN on my sled and can not for the life of me find a decoder for pre 2000 VINS. Does anyone know of a site that has one


Mine is 1279 00280


Looking for a sled for the wife and would be nice to be able to do a quick check while at the sellers house if its an older sled