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In Topic: Tools for changing 800 etec plugs on trail 2016 xs renegade

24 January 2019 - 05:22 PM

So-- a spark plug socket, and a wrench to turn the hex top of the socket will do the job? You can do this through the restricted space without taking off the hood?

That's how I changed the plug in the trailer. Socket and wrench.

Since the factory set only lasted 2 years I'll change again in 2 unless I upgrade.

In Topic: Glove Box Ext/Montana install - Problem with vibration

23 December 2017 - 07:34 PM

Tip--- If the glove box door is very loose, and has play from side to side, slip a couple of thin "O-Rings" over each of the hinge ears. I did this because I had to slide the door one way or another when closing,  for the latch to slip into the slot.  Now the door has a little bit of friction, which gives it a nice open and close feel, and the latch hits the slot center every time, without even worrying.  It might even eliminate some of that vibration your say you are getting.  One more thing---- Did you put the rubber bumper that goes between the glovebox and the windshield on?   My Dealer didn't, and threw it away. I bought an even better one from McMaster-Carr, and installed it.   That bumper keeps the windshield from hitting the back of the glovebox, when going over hard bumps. It also support them both together, which may also help your vibration.  JMO

Just put the glovebox extension on my sled and couldn't figure out what to do with the rubber bumper.  The bumper is not in the instructions.  Where does it mount?