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In Topic: Plastic windshield cracking on freeway?

20 October 2020 - 11:45 PM

We used to remove the windshields before driving.   Specially on the smaller machines that the manufacturers put weak windshields on machines that only go 40 MPH or less.


Specially the Tundras, Citations and Elans.

In Topic: PWing... where are you?

20 October 2020 - 05:28 AM

Hey, stop with the good morning crap.  I haven't gone to sleep yet.


Sheesh, don't you guys sleep at all?

In Topic: PWing... where are you?

20 October 2020 - 03:35 AM

I've got a few miles on the ol girl . attachicon.gifIMG_2326.JPG


Wow, that really is hard to believe.  Equivalent of riding 24 hours a day for 7 years...  at 8 MPH. 

In Topic: What does everyone have against vintage sled wiring!

19 October 2020 - 02:51 AM

I've re-done the wiring on my 84 Tundra and 96 Touring.   Mostly just replacing the connectors that are crap.   Those early connectors were just blade connectors in a plastic guide.   The guide would get brittle and loose over time and the blade connectors would just get loose.  


I started replacing those connectors with the 4/5/6 wire trailer style connectors.   Much more durable.


I did a bunch of experiments on the Touring E, but tried not to modify the standard harness (except for the connectors from the stator).  One experiment was to convert the accessory circuit over to DC.   It worked, but even with the regulator set at 14 volts, the lighting was dimmer than the AC.   Tried moving that up to 15 volts and it blew the headlight.   Probably wouldn't be much of an issue these days with LED lights, but I viewed it as a learning experience.    If I were to try that again, I'd probably move to bigger gauge wires for all the accessories.  Think DC was taking a hit on the length of wire.


Have a 1999 Cat Z that burned up the wire harness when the regulator went out.  Instead of getting a new harness, I just simplified the wiring.   It was amazing how many extra connectors were on that harness.  I'm sure there were a lot of a accessories available, but this machine had lights and heated grips, no gauges.  The tether cord was the only on/off on it as well, no key, no kill switch.   I did wire in a hidden switch as the machine was "borrowed" a couple of times.


So yeah, many re-wires had a purpose at the time.  I'm an electronics tech and know a bit about electrical systems as well.   So my rewires are done a bit better than most.

In Topic: ***Dootalk NFL Thread***

18 October 2020 - 03:45 PM

Bridgewater is underrated.  Sure, he's doing just "okay" on the Panthers, but the team around him is not exactly playoff material either.  Lost to the Bears today.


Bell is overrated.   When Conner can step in and do almost exactly the same, and then people want to forget his Jets years now.   He'll do okay in KC, but that team really didn't need him.  Offensive weapons is not their issue.


Tannehill caught all kinds of crap when he was with the Dolphins, saying he wasn't much of a QB.   Him playing very well on the Titans.


Foles takes over for Trubisky.  What I said all along, Trubisky needs a veteran starter in front of him in order to learn the game.  Trubisky will make a come back and be one of the best QBs in the league, but for now he just needs to get smarter.


Cleveland was hanging pretty good, but they are riddled with injuries and it is really starting to show.


How much did Brady mean to the Patriots?   Well, the replacement QBs have turned the ball over more in 6 weeks than Brady did in 2 years.  Brady wasn't all that great last year, but at least he gave the defense a chance to win the game.


Baltimore is starting to catch fire.  Getting the offense back to what they do best.  RUN.


Each week it is the same story.  KC is behind at halftime, but then comes back in the 2nd half to win.