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Feb 16 2015 06:12 AM
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    Why not change profile picture? My latest is of a Honda CB 450 Nighthawk that I once owned. It wasn't a Harley Davidson, but it was one the fastest 450 of its time. Luckily today we now have 4 valves per cylinder that increases air and exhaust flow and puts this old bike to shame. After over a decade we still have no real competition to Natural Aspirated 1000 SDI sled.
    Apr 13 2015 04:57 AM
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    Hopefully everyone understands these are just my thoughts and you are free to challenge them. Heck, I hope someone does, because no one gets anywhere from being stringent in their beliefs. I am merely offering ideas to work from, and if that means finding a challenge or fault in my thinking, then it will have served a purpose and worthwhile posting!
    Jul 07 2016 11:34 PM
  • Daag what should i do when i rebuild my 05 mach z so it last alot longer
    Oct 02 2017 05:15 PM