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In Topic: What to do?????

Today, 02:59 AM

Welcome to the new religion. You can get away with very little mods other than a change and relocate of the fuel pump. The rest is a full inspection and diagnoses to make sure everything is up to par and running right. If more than 5% of the time/effort is spent to read-up on mods, and less than 95% on learning about the engine, then that spells trouble. The 1000 SDI was once a magnet for those with a quench to solve design issues. If that is the case than I suggest to quit while you are ahead, because it isn't that easy. I think a prerequisite to making any mods should be to learn how to inspect and diagnose a 1K within the original design of that model year. For instance, how to get a 1K to warm-up without fouling plugs on any of the calibration files (maps).

In Topic: xrs build

Yesterday, 10:06 PM

Cap the extra pulse line. While you are there, it is worth following the shop manual test procedure for the manifold unit and the oil check valves.

In Topic: 05 800 ho intermittent spark

Yesterday, 09:58 PM

Use a timing light to diagnose the ignition. It will be easier than extending your neck around sled, and easier to see a light pointed at you than a tiny spark 6 feet away.

In Topic: Ptek 800 Turbo.

Yesterday, 09:46 PM

The only way is to extend the piece that needs to be longer and get it tig welded.

In Topic: fuel issue on 16 FR 137

Yesterday, 07:37 PM

Could it be that working on the injectors wiggled the portion of wires coming out of the injectors enough to make good contact?