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#23811327 Spring Break Sold Out?

Posted by JayC on 21 March 2021 - 09:38 AM

I didn't see it coming at all.  My first thought when things locked down was everyone is going to be losing their homes and fighting over the last box of Kraft dinner!  I figured luxury items like powersports would go belly up.  It's the same here ( east coast Canada) outdoor activities are crazy.  Prices have gone insane, housing market is nuts.  Places are selling for double their market value.  A mobile home in a trailer park just sold for $250K and you don't own the land and still pay lot rent!


Sure wish I had a few rental houses I could sell and semi retire!

It is crazy. We have a couple dumps in east London ON that we have owned for years. Not much mortgage on them so I am selling one right now. Have to take advantage of the covid stupidity and cash out big time. 

#23806551 BRP spring orders closed ?

Posted by JayC on 18 March 2021 - 02:33 PM

Pretty incredible things happening...i heard Poo's are nearly sold out as well for spring orders but who really knows....could just be a marketing tactic. In any case, I have both my orders in and can't wait for next season. This was an epic year for riding in Ontario and ai put on more kms than I expected to given the challenges with Covid. Nice to see sales sy rocketing and thats great news for used sled sales too as i have one that needs to get sold!

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Hoping you are right about the used market. I bought a new sled and have my 17 Renegade 850 for sale. Have had 2 lowball nibbles and that's it. Granted, the time of year doesn't help. It's stored away now and hopefully the fall will bring the used buyers out. Looks like used is all there will be!

#23768635 Bancroft

Posted by JayC on 28 February 2021 - 05:25 PM

X2, Any update on the trails? I know its  suppose to get warm today and Wednesday but a few cold days as well. 

Here now staying at LSP. Tons of snow.....tons of snow! But it is raining heavy now, not supposed to last long so I think there will be great sledding here for  a couple weeks if it cools down like it is supposed to. The lakes are bad, so much snow that the pressure has brought slush up to the top,  but they are passable (at the stake lines) for sure. Running from shore to the stake line almost buried my sled in the slush. The clubs are clearly trying to keep things groomed but one of the clubs just north of here had a groomer go down. 


here is the problem.......


So many sleds. Holy F&%#@.........I have never seen so many sleds. So many brand new sleds and brand new flashy bright suits. Clearly everyone in Ontario decided to get into snowmobiling this year. Our group vowed we will never ever ride on a weekend up here again. Way too may tools who have no clue what they are doing. Its downright dangerous. Idiots. 


But to answer your question, the trails are covered in snow, these clubs are working hard and I would say its worth the trip. 

#23755211 2018 Blown 850

Posted by JayC on 22 February 2021 - 03:20 PM

Id love to know what fuel is being used in these 850's that are blowing at low mileage? fill it with 87 then rag on it?  Are the flippers being held to the bar for long periods? Mine has 6200 miles and still pulls wicked strong, I only use minimum 91, try for 93/94 octane if I can. All guys ever say is that it blew up. Love to know the true story

#23739481 Tickets

Posted by JayC on 16 February 2021 - 05:36 PM

I've been stopped a few times on trail this season. They were looking for permits, licensing and chin straps. I did see 4 people get exhaust fines. Big crackdown in our area from Bancroft to Pembroke on cans.

Good! no GD reason for a can. Some lowlife bottom feeder runs through the OFSC trail in my back yard every night at 5 with a can.........flipper blippin the whole way........hope he gets pinched.....no one anywhere nearby to impress. What an idiot 

#23738075 Sled for my wife

Posted by JayC on 16 February 2021 - 08:01 AM

Possum, the new 600 EFI has been awesome so far for my wife and my 2 teenage daughters (17 and 18) . We have the 137" Renegade, 85 hp 600R motor with no raves but EFI instead of messing with a choke. Basic sled but has e-start, reverse and a G4 chassis. Light, quick and fun as hell to ride. Both my girls ride it and love it, the wife loves it, she's having a blast. Best value in a new sled. 

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#23733325 OFSC trail map app

Posted by JayC on 14 February 2021 - 05:43 AM

Its not terrible, but not great. I have the paid version for IPhone. It often takes while to load, sometimes almost loads then kicks itself out.......but still nice to have out on unknown trails with poor markings. For the $4.00 or whatever it was, I'm not complaining. 

#23726313 Tickets

Posted by JayC on 10 February 2021 - 05:47 PM

I think you might want to reread the original post.

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ya thanks man, I can read. My point is this....if anyone got a ticket for what Old Papa Smurf is asking about (ie: "has anyone been ticketed for having 3 or 4 people that do not live in the same household but in the same vehicle been ticketed while heading north to sled?") then they deserved it. Those regulations were clear. Why do we need to go there? AGAIN


So, it ends there.....what difference does it make? People spout off untruths and rumors' about being ticketed for "offences" that aren't even offences. I got a message from my buddies buddies buddy who was on Mainstreet Ontario unloading his sled and his buddies brother's dentist's mechanic got a ticket from the OPP for being out of health region........ummmm....no, he didn't. 


There is nothing in legislation that allows police to fine people "from out of health region" Those are "recommendations" at best. I assume in North Bay where Dr. No Fun is, they can rely on the trespass to property act (which they can anywhere the trails are deemed closed.) 


Sick of this garbage. Go ride

#23726199 Tickets

Posted by JayC on 10 February 2021 - 04:40 PM

Just checking, anxious to get sledding, but hearing so many rumours about tickets. 

Understood Papa, but as long as your not riding in a vehicle with people from outside your residence, your good. Other than that, the legislation really doesn't have any enforcement authority. It's just been beaten to death on here and on social media...and I for one am sick of it. Go enjoy the trails. Things are going to open up free and clear in a few days anyway. Life is short, everyone here is smart enough to know what to do. Go sledding and have fun. 

BTW Papa Smurf, we are tied for number of posts.......your it! lol

#23726171 Tickets

Posted by JayC on 10 February 2021 - 04:20 PM

Just curious, has anyone been ticketed for having 3 or 4 people that do not live in the same household but in the same vehicle been ticketed while heading north to sled?


Has anyone here been ticketed for being on an OFSC trail, but they're not from that zone?


For that matter, has anyone on here been ticketed for any Covid related crime?


I don't mean "my sister's brother-in-law works with a guy who's father-in-law's friend knows a guy that got a ticket" First person only. Asking for a friend

come'on, why are we going here?......we are a few days away from this all being lifted. Just go ride. geezus

#23701357 Under Hood Corrosion, Help!

Posted by JayC on 30 January 2021 - 11:48 PM

Rust Check. Not sure if it is available in the US, but I have all my vehicles sprayed yearly. You can buy the aerosol cans like this one in the TSC's and Canadian Tire. Amazing stuff. Been nuking my sleds for years and they always look brand new. Good on all electrical connections too. I swear by the stuff. 

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#23701349 Late Model Cast Asides

Posted by JayC on 30 January 2021 - 11:36 PM

Snowline Sports just east of London always has a handful of later model crashes from Quebec. You will pay up though, he's not cheap

#23692295 600 efi

Posted by JayC on 26 January 2021 - 04:46 PM

My wife bought this 21 Renegade 600 efi this year. Only has 100 miles on it so far (still 60 % break in left to go) 

She loves it so far. I rode it for a few miles this weekend and I was super impressed. I didn't think it would get out of it's own way, but its peppy and has no issue getting to over 100 km/h in short order in thick snow. I think the clutch is the secret. it seems to be clutched well for the power. It is hard to give an accurate fuel/oil usage report as the engine is so fresh. 

I agree with others here, the seat is a disappointment, we will be looking for an alternative to that stock seat. The engine sounds awesome, just a pure ski-doo 2 stroke ring. 

sorry.....wanted to add another small complaint. I don't like the high/low light switch and the bar/thumb warner switch down where it is on the lower part of the console. Its way out of reach when riding and I really don't know why Ski-doo did that. in the grand scheme of the sled, its minor. In my opinion, this sled is high value......tons of fun at a reasonable price with 2 yrs warranty

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#23673323 License plate and sticker

Posted by JayC on 17 January 2021 - 12:57 PM

like this 

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#23671625 well that was fun.. see you in February

Posted by JayC on 16 January 2021 - 02:50 PM

Just read that the initial lockdown orders that were set to expire on Jan.20 have now been extended another 30 days to Feb.19.
Not at all shocked by it, nor will I be when the stay at home order gets extended as well.

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My understanding is that a Declared state of emergency in Ontario is good for 14 days then expires. If the Premier and his team wants to extend it they can for an additional 14, but beyond that they need approval from the legislature. So the current SOE was declared Jan 14 and expected to go at least 28 days. So February 11th ?, any extension beyond that must be approved by the legislature. 


Soooooo............lets go with Feb 11th!