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2014 Ski-Doo Line-Up

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 10:59 PM

BRP employs many creative engineers as evidenced by their cutting edge product designs across many segments. It turns out their marketing team is a creative bunch as well. They often like to build anticipation for those attending the new model media event with a little "teaser". Prior to this year's event, we received an "easy button" in the mail from BRP?

We love fast (duh), and lightweight is a must. But snowmobilers are hardworking, resourceful types so we aren't sure about this "easy" stuff. But, as we were watching some webcams for trail conditions, sipping a k-cup brewed coffee, and hitting the button on our remote starter to fire up the truck...we decided to be open minded and see what BRP had in mind with all this easy talk.

What's new for 2014?

Rotax ACE 900 engine with intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) technology: Much like we call our latest mobile gadgets Smartphones not Easyphones, the new ACE 900 is a "Smartmotor" that makes life easy. It is the newest member of the the Advanced Combustion Efficiency (ACE) family of four-stroke engines. A triple-cylinder variant of the mileage king ACE 600 engine, the new ACE 900 can deliver over 23 MPG while producing 90HP. But there’s more to the ACE 900 engine than just more power. It is the first snowmobile engine to use BRP’s intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) technology, in use on Sea-Doo watercraft and Can-Am side‐by‐ side vehicles, and making it the world’s first throttle‐by‐wire snowmobile. iTC technology adds a whole new dimension in sled customization and control. A single button on the console enables the driver to noticeably change the performance personality of the powertrain. Also new to snowmobiling is a Learning Key feature, also pioneered on Sea‐Doo and Can‐Am vehicles. This “green key” version of the D.E.S.S. security tether limits top vehicle speed and acceleration. Two dealer programmed settings are available, 44 mph (70 km/h) or 25 mph (40 km/h). Rental operators can now comfortably and easily limit the speeds of their rental units. It is operated with the industry’s first electronic throttle-by-wire technology, called intelligent Throttle Control (iTC). iTC technology delivers new functionality to snowmobiles and as well as performance improvements:

  • Three driving modes: Sport (quick acceleration/response), Standard, and ECO (improved fuel economy/more relaxed response)
  • Learning Key: Alternate D.E.S.S. (Digitally Encoded Security System) tether limits top speed and acceleration. Some options are dealer programmable and allow the flexibility to allow young or inexperienced riders a safe learning environment

REV-XS platform expanded:  We love the style, wind protection, storage and easy serviceability of the REV-XS and we are happy to see it expand to several new models for 2014. The REV-XS will expand to the MX Z X-RS, MX Z TNT, Renegade Adrenaline, Renegade Backcountry, GSX LE and Expedition Sport sleds.

REV-XM platform expanded: The REV-XM was a breakthrough in design for mountain sleds, and for 2014 the REV- XM platform and its mountain-specific features make their way to the Freeride sled and more Summit SP models. Also included are the revised Pilot DS 2 ski and ski spindle combination for straight-tracking sidehilling.

tMotion rear suspension/FlexEdge track technology expanded: This industry leading combo will make powder riding easier on the Freeride 154, Freeride 146, Summit SP and Summit Sport models. tMotion suspension enables the rear suspension to flex laterally inside the tunnel; the outer two inches (5 cm) of the FlexEdge track bend; together, they make carving and sidehilling extremely easy and predictable.

rMotion rear suspension expanded: You know we love the rMotion at Dootalk. It's the real deal and we are happy to see it expanded to additional segments. A 137‐in. version for the GSX SE, GSX LE, Grand Touring SE and LE models should make for possibly the best ride ever experienced on the bumpy trail.

Silent Drive™ System: BRP is looking at additional ways to make snowmobiling more appealing. Ski‐Doo touring snowmobiles are already easy handling, fuel efficient, and extremely comfortable. Riders are well protected from the wind and can even enjoy heated seats, heated hand warmers and heated boot warmers. So what is the next frontier in comfort? BRP believes it is in noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) advances. And for 2014, BRP's answer to this new frontier is the Silent Drive™ System. BRP engineers redesigned the track driver system, interior track lugs and suspension rails to significantly reduce sound and vibration to the riders. Amazingly, vibration to the riders is reduced more than 70%. The Silent Drive uses advanced 16-tooth internal drivers, longer  rails  and  unique  track  designs  to  reduce  sound  to  the  riders  that  can  be  clearly  noticed  as  well  as  reducing  the  vibration  level  by  70%  versus  a  typical  sled.  The Silent Drive will debut  on  the  Grand  Touring  LE. In fact, the Grand Touring LE is a showcase sled for 2014, as it features three significant new technologies: Rotax ACE 900 engine, Silent Drive System and rMotion 137 rear suspension. After miles and miles on this sled, BRP states that riders will feel less fatigue thanks to its performance, comfort and sound and vibration reduction advances.

Redesigned  handlebar  control:  Sleds  with  the  REV-XS  platform  sport  a  new  left-hand  control  that  is  easier and  more  intuitive  to  operate.  On  sleds  with  the  multi-function  gauge,  the  control  has  backlit  buttons  and  additional  mode/set  buttons. 

Redesigned  windshields:  Added  protection  for  REV-XS based  sleds  in  three  sizes:  6  in.  (15  cm),  15  in.  (38  cm)  and  18  in.  (46  cm).  Additional good news is that all three will be available as  accessories as well.

eDrive  2  expansion:  The great reliability  and  durability of eDrive 2 for  sleds with four-stroke  engines will expand to all  4-TEC  and  ACE  powerpacks  for  2014. 

LinQ  accessories  line  grows:  There  is  no  easier,  faster,  or  more  secure  way  to  attach  accessories  on  a  sled  tunnel  than  with  the  LinQ  system.  A  saddlebag  system  joins  the  fuel  caddy  and  storage  bags  in  the  LinQ  line for 2014. BRP conducted a LinQ system "rodeo" at the new model release and it's amazing how fast you can work this system with a little practice (no comment on how we fared in the competition!).



The MX Z is the best trail sled you can buy. That's not a Dootalk statement, but a defendable industry statement. The MX Z has been fending off challengers for many years thanks to three defining characteristics: the lightweight, precise handling REV-X platform; capable suspensions; and the unmatched lineup of Rotax engines. For 2014, the MX Z stays in front of the competition with attention to details. First is an expansion of the REV-XS platform variation to the MX Z X-RS package and all TNT models. Owners of sleds based on the REV-XS platform love the more aggressive cornering position, added wind protection, improved lighting, convenient storage space and new styling. New for 2014 is the Rotax ACE 900 four-stroke engine option and restyled handlebar controls. One thing that makes the ACE 900 engine so special is its intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) technology, BRP's throttle-by-wire technology. Not only does it improve response and fuel economy, it includes three rider selected performance modes and a Learning Key performance limiter. The new features and powerplant still allow for the sled to keep the MX Z's core characteristic of precise and predictable handling. 

New for 2014

  • REV-XS platform variation for X‐RS package
  • REV-XS platform variation for TNT with E-TEC 600 H.O., ACE 900 engines  
  • Rotax ACE 900 four-stroke engine choice with TNT package
  • Improved handlebar controls



It's no secret that Dootalk staffers love the crossover category (read here) and more buyers are jumping on-board the crossover train - a segment that Ski-Doo defined with the Renegade back in 2002. Crossover riders are looking for two things; the independence of a sled that can do it all on and off trail, and the smooth ride a longer track can provide. Core BRP technologies, such as the REV-X platform, rMotion rear suspension and 16‐in. (38‐cm) wide tracks, ensure that riders get the the performance they desire without compromises. If you want to venture off‐trail, you do not have to compromise the best trail handling when you return to the beaten path. And out in the deeper stuff, you get a sled that will float and respond instantly to your inputs. It’s this “no compromise” execution that gives the 2014 Renegade model what buyers are looking for in a crossover. Offered in the Renegade Adrenaline model, the new ACE 900 mill not only delivers 90 horsepower, but its breakthrough intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) technology gives the rider a new level of control and customization. Other Rotax engines that each lead their categories are available as well: E-TEC 800R, E-TEC 600 H.O., 4‐TEC 1200, ACE 600, 600 Carb and 550 Fan. Renegade models are biased towards trail riding, while the Renegade Backcountry sleds add features for primarily off‐trail riding.

New for 2014

  • REV-XS platform variation for Adrenaline package with E-TEC 800R, E-TEC 600 H.O., ACE 900
  • REV-XS platform variation for Backcountry package
  • Rotax ACE 900 four-stroke engine choice with Adrenaline package
  • More intuitive handlebar controls
  • New colors



The redesigned 2013 Summit REV-XM delivered a riding experience like nothing ever seen before. 2014 marks 20 years since the debut of the original Ski-Doo Summit snowmobile. Back then, BRP was touting the "lightweight" F-2000 chassis and mechanical High Altitude Compensator. Today, BRP leads the mountain snowmobile market with the most specialized sled for mountain riding and we are now talking about the very lightweight REV-XM platform. A tMotion rear suspension that flexes in the tunnel and FlexEdge track technology to ease roll-up. Body panels specifically sculpted to slide through powder. For 2014, BRP again showcases their E‐TEC direct injection powerplants in 800 cc and 600 cc sizes. With the precise, easy handling of the REV-XM platform and tMotion/FlexEdge technologies combined with the power and instant response of the Rotax E-TEC 800R engine, mountain sledders do not have compromises to worry about like they have in past  years.

New for 2014

  • REV-XM platform variation for Summit SP with E-TEC 600 H.O. engine  
  • tMotion rear suspension for Summit Sport model
  • Pilot DS 2 ski and spindle for Summit Sport model  
  • New colors



Let's face it, the Freeride is a high performance deep stuff "look at me sled". It’s not just about going your own way off the trail or in the steep and deep, but going big and bold. That’s why BRP equipped it with stout KYB Pro-40 shocks all around and in 2014 the Freeride model is reborn on the REV-XM platform  with new tMotion rear suspension for 146 and 154 models, and rMotion suspension for the 137 version. Its ergonomic package, from the running boards to the handlebar controls, is designed around the driver specifically for off-trail maneuvers and powder play. And its RS chassis, developed for snocross racing sleds, includes key reinforcements for taking big hits. With the Rotax E-TEC 800R engine you have the most specialized snowmobile for deep snow extreme riding the industry’s ever seen. With 154, 146 and 137 in. (391, 371 and 348 cm) track lengths available, you have a Freeride available for every riding style and terrain. BRP also seems to have some fun with the Freerides by stretching the limits on colors and wraps. The 2014 techy grey complemented by bright white and manta green accents make it stand out as it comes from the factory in Valcourt.

New for 2014

  • Mountain--‐specific REV--‐XM platform variation
  • tMotion rear suspension (146, 154 models)
  • rMotion rear suspension (137 model)  
  • FlexEdge track technology (146, 154 models)
  • REV--‐XM mountain--‐specific ergonomics
  • White/Grey/Manta Green coloration




There are a lot of choices for riding trails. Racer wannabes, Two-up cruisers, Crossovers that are as good offtrail as on. We started out talking about the easy button - the 2014 Ski-Doo GSX has nearly all the capability, acceleration and top‐end performance of the MX Z model – with an easybutton. What sets the GSX sled apart are features that make the performance trail riding experience easier, more comfortable and more convenient. Great wind protection. Mirrors. Push button start and reverse. Excellent storage. Data packed gauge cluster. Even a heated seat on the SE package. For 2014, the addition of the rMotion rear suspension takes the GSX to another level.  Look for the 2014 GSX  with LE package (with new Rotax ACE 900 engine) to be an instant hit. Everything about it is a high-tech, premium experience on the snow. State‐of‐the‐art powerplant with intelligent throttle control (iTC) technology, rMotion suspension, customizable engine performance and REV‐XS body style.

What’s New for 2014

  • rMotion rear suspension on all packages
  • Rotax ACE 900 four‐stroke engine choice with LE package
  • REV‐XS platform variation for GSX LE sleds with ACE 900 or E‐TEC 600 H.O. engine choice  
  • Standard large cargo bag with LinQ attachment system


Grand Touring

BRP has expanded the definition of a luxury snowmobile beyond just creature comforts. Luxury also means easy precise handling and powerful, responsive engine performance. The company is taking comfort and control to another entirely new level by adding the rMotion rear suspension to the Grand Touring SE and LE models. And the 2014 Grand Touring LE equipped with the new Rotax ACE 900 engine will expand the definition of luxury snowmobiling once again. First, the new 90 hp ACE 900 engine is very smooth, uses very little fuel and has a very quiet sound, one that will not fatigue riders over many hours. It is complemented by a new SDS (Silent Drivetrain System) that significantly reduces sound to the riders and reduces vibration by 70%. There has never been so smooth and quiet a ride in snowmobiling. But it is the intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) technology, the industry's first throttle‐by-wire application, that puts more control of the snowmobiling experience with the owner than any sled before. The driver chooses one of three performance profiles (Sport, standard, ECO) that controls acceleration rate, engine braking, even top speed. This can be done on-the-fly. ECO mode not only conserves fuel, but it provides a more serene driving experience.  A special green Digitally Encoded Security System (D.E.S.S.) cord, the "Learning Key", limits the top speed and acceleration rate of the sled, which is ideal for inexperienced riders to gain experience safely.

What’s New for 2014

  • rMotion rear suspension for SE and LE packages
  • 90 hp Rotax ACE 900 engine option with iTC technology for LE package
  • SDS significantly reduces sound on LE package with ACE 900


Sport Utility Sleds

If anyone has had the good fortune to visit the Joseph Armand Bombardier museum in Valcourt, QC, you realize that Mr. Bombardier wasn’t thinking back-flips or week long snowmobile vacations when he invented this hobby we all love so today. He probably wasn’t thinking Dootalk either, but we can dream. The passion of Joseph Armand Bombardier was to use tracked vehicles to make work during the harsh winters in Canada – easier.

The 2014 Ski-Doo Expedition sled is designed for riders wanting a sled that delivers comfortable riding with a companion, off‐trail capability and work features.  BRP calls it a touring-utility vehicle. BRP offers three 2014 Expedition feature packages:  the “all boxes checked” Spring‐only Expedition SE, well equipped Expedition LE and the entry level Expedition Sport. The Expedition Sport, when chosen with the new Rotax ACE 900 four-stroke engine is significantly upgraded for 2014, it not only has a new powerplant, but all the comfort and styling advances of the REV-XS platform variation and state-of-the-art intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) feature.

Around the world, Dootalkers that require lightweight, nimble vehicles for getting around, working, and playing, often in remote locations, that are able to traverse many different conditions, from trails to frozen lakes to deep, deep snow – look to the Ski-Doo Tundra as the sled of choice. It’s lightweight, built on the REV-X platform. With long, wide tracks, ski-like bellypan and exclusive telescopic front suspension, it can float on pretty much any depth of snow.

The 2014 Ski-Doo Skandic utility vehicles are the most advanced in the industry. Skandic sleds aren’t just an adaptation of long-track trail sleds. They have many features specific to getting jobs done and going places in challenging conditions. Such as a flat bellypan and telescopic front suspension for floating through deep snow like a toboggan and the SC-5U rear suspension, with its ability to reverse in deep snow thanks to an articulating rail. Their Synchromesh transmission, an industry exclusive, includes two forward and one reverse gear for optimum pulling power in a wide range of conditions and come with three available Rotax engines: the efficient and low maintenance ACE 600 four-stroke, more powerful E-TEC 600 H.O. two-stroke and economical 550 Fan engine. Two feature packages are available: the Skandic Wide Track (WT) with 20 x 154 in. track (51 x 391 x 3.8 cm) and even more capable Skandic Super Wide Track (SWT) with 24 x 154 in. track (61 x 391 cm).


So Dootalkers, that's the 2014 Ski-Doo lineup in a nutshell.  It's an "easy" line-up to like and we are pleased to see the high-end technology that makes Ski-Doo the best sled manufacturer in the world, spread throughout the line-up. We plan to add a 900 ACE to our stable next year - we think it will be a big hit with buyers and want to give it some serious seat time. Until then, be sure to check out www.skidoo.com for full details on all the product models and catch all the discussion on all the 2014 Ski-Doos on the Dootalk forums.









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