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Trickling/maintaining the batteries . . .

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Posted 16 September 2020 - 09:21 PM

AGM batteries lose 1-2% of their charge per month. Do the math and decide for yourself if you want to top off that 1% each month

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Posted 16 September 2020 - 09:31 PM

AGM batteries lose 1-2% of their charge per month. Do the math and decide for yourself if you want to top off that 1% each month

I have been monitoring a fresh battery charge alongside another DooTalk member, and I can say it isn't that simple.

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Posted Yesterday, 06:58 AM

Battery tender jr. is like $29, I just keep them on all my powersports during their respective off seasons. One time $29 or $120 batteries every other year. No brainer. 

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Posted Yesterday, 08:31 AM

Have used trickle chargers for years with excellent results. Keep my boat batteries and camper battery on trickle chargers all year round. In spring I put trickle chargers on my two sleds and at the beginning of winter I switch these two chargers to my ATV and UTV. Small batteries can puke out fast but since I started using trickle chargers over 10 years ago, I have had zero problems.

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Posted Yesterday, 08:39 AM

BatteryMinder maintainer/conditioners on all my batteries when vehicles are going to be parked for a few days.  

OEM battery in my '09 was still cranking fine at 0 last year when I changed it. It had a mfgr. date code of '08 and I didn't want to push it any farther. 10 yrs on my harley battery also, same thing, changed it for the same reason. 

I'm long done with buying batteries every 2-3 yrs. . 

Go with one that maintains and also desulficates/conditions. Wire in quick disconnects also to make it hassle free. 

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Posted Yesterday, 12:02 PM

I'm guessing the pink Mustang on the right is the one you ride ???




Hah! Everyone makes fun of my pink Mustang! Guess what everyone wants to ride around the garage after a few beers? :)

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Posted Yesterday, 12:40 PM

I have the batteries pulled every spring and put them on a Battery Tender in the basement.


Never have a battery issue.


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Posted Yesterday, 02:59 PM

I’ll get flack for this, but we don’t use tenders and every Yuasa battery we’ve had for the last 15+ years has made it 7 years or more. Our sleds are stored in a trailer in a barn with no power. We do go fire up the sleds once a month or so and run them up to operating temp. Been doing this my whole life and my dad has done it that way his whole life too. Never had engine troubles or battery issues (with the exception of our 08’ 800Rs, but who didn’t).


I’m not saying they don’t help or not use a tender. I’m also not saying winterizing and leaving alone is wrong. I’m just saying our family always has 7-8 sleds for decades and always done this way with no issues. These stock batteries are pretty dang good.

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