2011 Ski-Doo MXZ TNT E-TEC 800 Review


Here at we are big fans of the Ski-Doo MXZ TNT.  It may be because the TNT moniker takes us back to the free air sleds of our youth.  It may be because the TNT represents the perfect balance of performance and price.  But, whatever the reason may be, the TNT is a great sled and we had the opportunity to spend this past sledding season putting our E-TEC 800 equipped version through its paces.




We were already familiar with the E-TEC technology having spent the prior season with an E-TEC 600 equipped sled.  The E-TEC 800 brings with it all of the great features of its smaller sibling such as quiet running, smoke free startups, odor free rides, and excellent fuel and oil consumption.  On top of that, the E-TEC 800 brings more power....and lots of it.  We had heard all the rumors from DOOTalkers that had a chance to ride the demo models in the spring that the E-TEC 800 was a great performing sled, so our expectations were high, and we were not disappointed.  From the first crack of the throttle, the 800 pulls strong and has a seemingly endless supply of power.  But despite having all that horsepower at our disposal, the E-TEC 800 is a well mannered sled in all conditions.  Much of our riding is comprised of tight trails, hedge row to hedge row runs, and short bursts across farm fields.  We spend more of our time in the first half of throttle pull than we do in the last half to the handlebar.  Even for slower paced riding, the E-TEC 800 feels right at home.  Power delivery is smooth and predictable across the entire range.



Keeping all of this power firmly planted on the trail beneath us is the SC-5 rear skid and HPG Plus aluminum shocks all around.  The SC-5 is a proven suspension and seems to handle the nasty whoops as well as it does the smaller stutter bumps.  The ride is not as stiff as that found in the X and X-RS models, but it's still performance oriented and does a great job keeping the rider in control and inspiring confidence.  The handling of the sled is flat and precise and we rarely encountered any unwanted ski lift or unpredictable results.  Coupled with the Pilot 5.7 skis, this sled carved trails as well as any other sled we've ridden. We tested our sled in a wide variety of conditions from whoop filled rail beds to high speed twisties through the Adirondack Mountains and we were never disappointed.  It is a suspension package that just works...and works well.


In the goodies department, the TNT package brings with it some nice features.  The sporty windshield provides excellent wind protection, the seat has enough storage to throw in a couple water bottles and a beanie, and the straight aluminum handlebars with integrated j-hooks are a nice touch.  The Black and White color scheme with splash of yellow wrapping from the side panels into the foot wells is a sharp color combo.  The hydraulic Brembo brake does a great job bringing this beast to a stop, and the analog gauge package and electronic fuel gauge puts all of the critical stats where we need them.



The MXZ TNT E-TEC 800 is a great sled all the way around.  With gobs of horsepower, slot car handling, and a features list to please the masses, the TNT is a winning package.  Positioned solidly between the entry level MXZ Sport models and the high tech MXZ-X models, the TNT brings with it the perfect combo of power and performance features at a pleasing price.