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Pink Ribbon Riders


We're only two weeks away from the Pink Ribbon Riders New York Snow Run that starts on February 11th.   This is a great time and a great way to support an organization that has done so much for those diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Thank you to the members that have helped us raise over $500 towards our goal of $2,500.  With over 80,000 DOOTalkers...the last $2,000 should be easy.  If you can help us out, just go to Fund Raising Page to make a donation.  Every penny counts...





DOOTalk Racing Update


For the past few weeks the Member Sponsored race team has been tearing up the track.  In cross country, the guys at RVP have been some of the top running Ski-Doo's with Ross Erdman placing 5th in the Red Lake I-500.  Check out the Track Smack Forum where Nick Roehl has been posting regular updates on the team's progress.   Dani Medin took 4th in her first ever cross country race at the Grand Cities 100.  On the Snocross Track, Todd, Jeremy, and Haley Meyers had some great results this past weekend in the iRace series.


Racing has been so good, we decided it was time to give some prizes out to some of the contributing members to the racing program.  If your name is in this list, contact REV-Rider on the forums and let him know you want your prize.


Pelley_440x  - Beanie
tpsully99  - Ball Cap
SLEDKNECK115  - Water Bottle
SkidooSteve12  - Billet Pull Handle
jkbsleddin  - 509 Goggles


Once again we need to thank all of the site members and the businesses that have supported the DOOTalk Member Sponsored Race Team.
















Tom White and Mike Shultz are heading to Winter X Games


Tom White, one of DOOTalk's members and site contributor has been selected by Ski-Doo to head to the nationals and tune for the legendary Mike Shultz.  Mike will be running the Pro-Am 30+ class and the adaptive races at Fargo, X-Games, New York and Lake Geneva.

For those that do not know Mike's history, in 2009 he was seriously hurt while racing in the Pro class at a ISOC national in Michigan.  His leg was broken so severely that it had to be amputated above the knee.  Mike bounced back and literally invented a mechanical leg with a Fox mountain bike shock built into it so it could handle the rigors of snow-x.  The leg is now being patented and brought to market.  In the meantime, Mike is racing to further develop the leg and the adaptive racing movement.

Last year Mike raced the adaptive games at the 2010 X-games in Aspen and brought home the ONLY gold medal won by Ski-Doo.....and he did it on a stock 600RS.  The other competitors were aboard Tucker Hibbert's mod, Yamaha's hand built factory mod and Steve Schuering's Polaris mod.  A combination of Mike's incredible skill and sled set-up was enough to lead the race from flag to flag.

This year Mike will be teamed up with Tom White for the Fargo, X-games, New York and Lake Geneva events.  This is a great opportunity for Tom and all DOOTalkers as it gives all of you a chance to meet Tom at a race near you and Tom will learn even more about the sled that eventually gets shared on the site.  We asked Tom for his take on the opportunity and he told us: "None of this would have been possible without DOOTalk.  The site enabled me to get my name out there while helping others and Ski-Doo took notice. I see this opportunity as a win/win/win for myself, DOOTalk and Ski-Doo (if we win!).  I cannot thank Ski-Doo and enough for making this happen."