Trail riding in New York's Letchworth State Park.


Trail riding in New York's Letchworth State Park

Often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the East, Letchworth State Park offers snowmobilers groomed trails and scenery that is second to none. Located in western New York state, the Letchworth Gorge extends 22 miles in length and reaches depths up to 550 feet. In the winter months, the park transforms into a snowmobiler's dream. Wide, smooth trails extend the entire length of the park, giving snowmobilers near perfect conditions with frequent views of the snow covered gorge.

The north end of the gorge starts in Mt. Morris, New York. Marked trails run the entire length of the park. The gorge itself has several attractions that can be seen along the way. Not far from the Mt. Morris entrance is the Mt. Morris Dam that was constructed in the 1950's. This dam prevents Rochester and other downstream communities from being flooded by the Genesee River during the spring rains.

From the Mt. Morris entrance to the Perry Entrance, the trails run along the park road. Once you reach the Perry Entrance, things only get better. For the next several miles, to the Castile entrance, the park road remains unplowed and becomes a snowmobile highway. The trail goes by several scenic overlooks and provides many opportunities to experience some higher speed travel. Just past the Castile entrance, snowmobilers are greeted by a log cabin at the sledding hill where riders can warm themselves by the open wood fireplace. Continuing south, the trails take to the woods, climbing up and down hills, crossing bridged streams, and meandering through the forest.

The park trails eventually end up at the southern most end of the gorge in Portageville. On the way, snowmobilers will ride through a tunnel underneath the train tracks and pass by the iron train bridge that was built in 1876 and is still active today. The gorge also hosts three waterfalls which can be hiked to for those looking for a diversion from their sled.

Snowmobilers are not limited to riding in the park. From the north end, riders can get on the Greenway Trail which goes all the way to Rochester. The Greenway is a converted railroad bed and is an approved snowmobile trail. If you exit the park at the Perry entrance, marked trails will take you through miles of farm land. And to the south, trails continue and head southwest towards towns like Bliss and Arcade.

For more information, visit the official website of Letchworth State Park.

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