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2005 Renegade - Suspension Front Mount Change


2005 Renegade - Suspension Front Mount Change
If you want to change the weight transfer on your '05 Renegade, check out sleddude05's report on changing the suspension front mounting position...

First loosen the track tension. To start you must loosen the rear axle bolts to allow the rear axle to freely slide forward and back.

Next, fully loosen the track tension bolt adjusters on both sides of the track. You will see the axle moving toward the front of the sled as tension on the track is lessened, and you will see the track begin to sag.

This is the amount of track sag with the front suspension mount in the stock position


Removing these bolts allows the rear of the suspension to fall free from the tunnel.
Now remove the rear suspension mounting bolts from each side of the sled, 10mm allen head bolt.


Now the suspension is free from the confines of the stamped aluminum Rev tunnel.
Remove the rear suspension front mount bolts from each side of the sled.


Drill out new hole with a pilot bit, then to desired size with 3/8" drill bit.

Locate the new front mounting hole for the suspension; just back and down from the stock position. Use center punch to mark drill hole.

New suspension mounting position is shown.


Front of suspension is mounted in place. Would like to fill original hole with a bolt/nut, but no room for a nut on the back side due to shape of front suspension arm.
Reinstall the front of the rear suspension in the new position. It is a tight fit, an extra pair of hands is nice to have here.


....And rotated them back out of the way.
I had to remove the spring mounts to get the rear of the suspension mounted in place...


Much less track sag after suspension is mounted in place with track tensioners still fully loosened.
Reattach the suspension rear mounting bolts, and you're almost done....

Tighten track tensioner bolts to achieve proper track tension, align track as per owners manual, and tighten rear axle bolts.

My one thing to watch: there is not a lot of room between the rear of the suspension rails and the track clips where the track bends around the rear axle wheels. Chamfer the rear of the hyfax to aid in rotation around rear axle.

The "HO" , as in 800HO, now stands for "HOLD ON". This sled rides, drives and tranfers weight as it never has before.


Report submitted by sleddude05