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REV Saddle Bag solution for those on a budget.


REV Saddle Bag solution for those on a budget

Before my trip to Canada this past season, I was looking to gain some extra storage capacity on my sled. I started out looking at the offerings from Ski Doo, and though they looked great, they were very expensive. I then turned to aftermarket products. I found several products that looked very nice, but one problem with most designs is that they rely on the rear bumper for a fastening point. With the bumper design of the REV, that would not work. After much searching, I came across a very inexpensive set of bags at Shade Tree.
These $30 bags have two straps that go across the seat and are meant to have a holding strap fastened to the tunnel. I like the design because the straps could straddle the contour of the seat, but I was not thrilled of leaving a 4 inch strap fastened to my tunnel.
The solution I ended up with was to fasten snaps, like those in a jacket, to the tunnel and the nylon strap so that I could remove them when not in use. Snap kits and a mounting tool are available at most fabric stores. I went with their 'heavy duty' snap. I riveted one snap on each side of the tunnel for the front straps of the saddle bags.
The back straps wrap around the trunk area of the sled. Since I was in a hurry, I fastened them together with a small 1/8" diameter bungee chord. This setup actually worked quite well because it kept sufficient tension on the straps to keep them from moving around. After 250 miles of high speed travel with the bags loaded pretty full, I never had a problem with them coming loose. When I was done at night, I could quickly unsnap the bags from the sled and take them with me. So, if you're looking for some extra storage for those long rides, and don't mind spending an hour of your time, you can end up with a pretty nice saddle bag solution for under $50.

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