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Many of the posts on DOOTalk are all about Ski-Doo snowmobiles.  But BRP offers a lot more items for snowmobiling that make the winter experience better.  We think you should know more about them, and how well they work. 

So we’re starting the DOOTalk Ski-Doo Gear Tester program, where YOU do the testing.  After all, who better to evaluate Ski-Doo gear than the serious snowmobilers on DOOTalk?

The program is simple.  Sign up below.   If you’re chosen as a tester, we’ll send you the item to evaluate, along with some review suggestions and information from Ski-Doo about the product you’ll be reviewing.  Then you just use the product, and post your reviews of it here on DOOTalk.  Yes, testers get to keep the test items.

This isn’t a prize giveaway, it’s a review program.  So to be sure that the recipients are serious snowmobilers and serious DOOTalk participants, only those with more than 100 posts on DOOTalk are eligible to be testers.

We are excited to be doing this program, and hope you are excited about it, too.  And thanks to BRP for the test items.

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Gear Tester Items for Winter 2012

Helium 50 Jacket  (10 available)

Helium Jacket

A mountain riding jacket  as advanced as Summit sleds.  Helium gear features a Sympatex waterproof/breathable membrane, which (unlike many bigger name membranes) actually allows more perspiration to escape the harder you’re working to keep you dry in all types of riding.  Plus, it’s extremely stretchable for long term durability and doesn’t lose its properties when washed.  Includes key mountain riding features such as sealed seams, venting, powder skirt and more.  And now includes a lifetime guarantee.

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Absolute 0 Jacket (10 available)

Absolute 0 Jacket

The Absolute 0 series is for riders who ride in very cold conditions or just don’t seem to ever be warm enough, because it keeps wind and water out, keeps warmth in and allows perspiration vapor to escape. Two cutting-edge technologies are key to their performance.  A super flexible Sympatex membrane is waterproof and windproof, yet allows perspiration to escape, even becoming more breathable the more you sweat. Primaloft One insulation is as warm as down and has the highest warmth-to-weight-ratio of any synthetic insulation.  Bottom line: the Absolute 0 Jacket is incredibly warm, but its flexibility means it won’t feel like an inflatable Sumo wrestling suit.

Learn more about the Absolute 0 jacket at


Heated Electric Wireless Goggles (5 available)

Helium Goggles
Adrenaline Goggles

Imagine having the same anti-fog performance of a heated face shield with an open face helmet.  That’s what the new electric goggles from BRP are all about.  Their dual lens features a patent-pending heating element to keep your vision clear even in sub-zero conditions. Two versions are available.  For active riders, the Helium model has a rechargeable battery pack that can be attached to the strap on the helmet or included armband and has more ventilation.  The Adrenaline model has more wind protection and plugs into the sled’s visor outlet. 

Learn more about the Helium wireless goggles at

Learn more about the Adrenaline wireless goggles at

Helium/Adrenaline/Holeshot goggles (10 available)

Adrenaline Goggles
Helium Goggles

These new goggle models are designed by BRP for style and quality.  Their large, flexible, urethane is strong and flexible and the oversized, hypoallergenic triple density face foam delivers comfort, shock and sweat absorption with reduced skin irritation.  Dual amber-colored lenses are anti-fog and scratch-resistant.  For the most active riders, the Helium version has added ventilation and has a spare mirrored lens.  The Adrenaline version has the fast Quick Strap system; the Holeshot a regular silicon-backed strap.

Learn more about Helium goggles at

Learn more about Adrenaline goggles at

Learn more about Holeshot goggles at

XP-R Carbon Light helmet (5 available)

XPR Helmet

A multi-directional carbon fiber shell enables the XP-R Carbon Light to be nearly 25% lighter than a typical open face helmet – just about 2.75 lbs. (1.25 kg) for a size L.  Riders can get a custom fit for their face size or preferred feel with interchangeable Morpho Plus cheek pads.  12 computer designed and wind tunnel tested vents keep the rider’s head cool.  For moisture management, the padding is encased in wicking Coolmax and the forehead holds disposable sweat pads – when one gets too wet or cold, just remove and replace it.  Its premium materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail bring to mind the interior of a fine European supercar – from the shell’s visible carbon fiber weave to the black chrome hardware, no-glare visor underside, minimal graphics and soft suede interior.  D.O.T. and ECE 22.05 certified

Learn more about the XP-R Carbon Light helmet at

Modular 2 helmet (5 available)

Modular2 Helmet

For those who prefer a full-face helmet, the Modular helmet is one of the most popular, with its anti-fog mask which vents breath directly out the helmet and slide-down fighter-pilot-inspired sunshield.  The Modular 2 has an optically-correct dual lens visor for excellent peripheral vision and a spacious design that allows room for eyeglasses. 
D.O.T. approved.

Learn more about the Modular 2 helmet at

Heated Riser Block Bags (10 available)

Riser Block Bag

The heated bar bag is a great place to stash your most important stuff.  What makes it special is that it includes a 3W heating element and insulated section to maintain electronic device battery life, or in the larger version, keep water bottles from freezing.  There are 3 versions: 1.8 gal./7 L capacity with two water bottle pockets (Summit and Tundra), .5 gal./2 L capacity  (Summit and Tundra) and .3 gal./1 L capacity (REV-XP, REV-XR, REV).

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