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Front spring/shock upgrade and ski change

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#1 AJHeating



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Posted 19 April 2017 - 02:43 PM

I believe it is time to take the sled off the snow and start prepping for next season. My question is what choices do i have for front shock/ spring upgrades? I got this sled in Febuary and have rode it about 10 times in various conditions of snow and trails. I have problem with left side feeling like it is going to tip me over, i know sounds stupid but it seems like the left side is heavier than the right and have to stand on both feet on right rail or knee on seat and foot on right rail to feel level. It has the sway bar, but no endlinks, so sway bar isn't hooked up. I have looked on sites that sell new springs, but they have a black and a red, but mine are yellow. i also have the pilot 6.9 skis and they feel hard to turn, compared to the snowmobiles i have ridden during this time and thinking about changing also. what do you guys and gals think?


Do i buy links to hook sway bar back up? different spring rate? Maybe a aftermarket shock/spring combo? 


Do i stick with the pilot's and maybe a different carbide? 


Being honest, my level is novice rider, I wish i could say I am a deep powder rider and mountain climber, but can't. I got the sled with the thoughts of eventually getting there, but has been more fun just getting the whole family together and enjoying the winter ( the snow has seduced me). I spend more time with break downs, digging people out (including myself) and trying to figure out who is lost. I am 5' 6"  200 lbs (don't carry it well) and almost 40. Need be to honest, so i can get honest answers. LOL


I feel the front springs and steering is where i will start besides maybe a diet over the summer, so that is where i will start with my questions, thanks


2006 Ski Doo Summit X 800 PTEK 144 Snowcheck (guy said different suspension for snowcheck?)  thanks again.





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Posted 20 April 2017 - 01:48 PM

Is the front spring preload equal side to side? I know on a car, you can change corner weighting with preload. Not sure if same thing applies to a sled. Put a scale under each ski and check the weight. Make sure ground and scales are level.

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Posted 20 April 2017 - 09:02 PM

It's over 10years old now. Truth of the matter is that the suspension is sacked out. Bad.


What I would do is contact Monster Performance and get Ian to set you up with some rebuilt HPG's and some HD springs(From BRP - they are yellow just like you want) Or look into other options, since you aren't lighting the World on fire and still learning, some rebuilt HPG's are going to skyrocket your confidence of the sled.


If you run the HD springs cut out the sway bar. It's not needed. If you end up running stock rate springs then hook the swaybar back up. 


As far as he skis go, they were some of the best skis made for years from any OEM. If they are abused and worn out, then look for something newer. If they just need a new skeg, throw them on and run them again.


While you are talking about your front end, I'd go a step further and replace the a-arm bushings. You can buy oillite bushings that will last way longer than the stockers and will tighten up the front end so much you'll think it's a brand new sled. Ski bushings and a lower balljoint complete that package.


But all this work to the front end will make you wanting more out of the rear skid. Ian can set you up there too. Get some torsion springs and rebuild or recharge your stock shocks if you don't upgrade. 


I know you didn't ask for any more advice than for your front end but if you really want to make the sled into what we all fell in love with back 10+ years ago, rebuild the clutches and make sure your chain and sprockets are in tiptop shape. New jackshaft and driveshaft bearings are always a welcome repair once it's done. 


I still have mine, and still modding it. I went back in the spring of 2010 and bought the '06 after having demo sleds for 5 years because it was my favorite. And that spring my demo was a XP E-Tec! 


You can see what no swaybar and stock springs does.....it dove so bad on the trail....I had a hard time with it until I swapped springs after a few rides. I swapped for a set of titanium springs a few years back and they were way too soft again. I've upgraded to Float Evols now but again, if you hook the swaybar back up, HPG's w Ti springs are the ticket!

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 08:33 AM

Thanks for the replies. I like to tinker and work on stuff, so really the sled has has been my second job. I got the sled from original owner that snow checked it in March of 2005, he gave me all the paperwork, original receits and service records. The sled has 900 miles on it now (started at 735 when i got it). I have replaced all the bushings in the front end, A-arms, ball joints and ski bushings. I have actually made a journal of everytime i have been out on what i adjusted, how it felt and how i felt after each trip. last year he had a BMP head, Y-pipe, exhaust and can, also v-force reeds, timbersled intake and the 07 jets installed. He also had the clutches tweaked ( as he put it) and different small gear sprocket. The sled has low miles, but i know from just age things tend to dry out and just fall apart (like me).  So I am slowly going through the whole machine piece by piece. looking at forums and catalogs, i believe my front springs are 75lbs rated and thinking of going with 105lbs springs ( i think they have 90lbs also)  that would be the stiffer (for mine) or normal on the 1000's. Color doesn't matter, just had been looking at the websites and they had a black or red spring but have found yellow.  


Do you think for now i could get away with just replacing the front spring to heavy and keeping the stock shock or go all out with new? I would think about going with a aftermarket shock/ spring setup if someone could say that is the ticket because true and not because they just spent a small fortune on them and kind of have to. I plan on working my way towards the back skid. 


The thing runs like no other from dead stop and straight, but i need to tune the left and right aspect, kind of need that. LOL


I appreciate the responses, thanks, Aaron J



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Posted 21 April 2017 - 12:57 PM

just rebuild all 4 shocks and start there-BJ

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Posted 21 April 2017 - 02:02 PM

Yup, if it was an X, then all the shocks can be revalved and rebuilt. I'd say the shock springs are shot as well. No need to dump a ton of money on fancy shocks, when the factory ones, when rebuilt right for your weight, are a much better alternative than stock.

Also, when is the last time the clutches were rebuilt? Those may need some attention as well....

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#7 AJHeating



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Posted 21 April 2017 - 07:11 PM

Is rebuilding the shocks something that can be done in your garage type of thing or need to have sent out? 


is there a kit one can buy? I found the springs and they for about $60 a piece for front. thanks

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