DOOTalk impressed with MXZ TNT 1200 4-Tec


by DOOTalk staffers 

Taking advantage of a great start to winter, staffers logged a quick 500 miles on our 1200 TNT press unit before Mother Nature decided to crank up the temps. Given our first impressions along with very favorable reports from members, it looks like BRP hit the bulls-eye with their first performance 4-stroke.

Our sled performed flawlessly throughout the season. The 1200 TNT blends a performance based suspension with a torquey Rotax 4-Stroke for a sled that is as happy hitting moguls as it is cruising groomed trails-all in a package under 500lbs. Gas mileage steadily improved as our 1200 loosened up, topping out at 16 MPG.

For our full-season review, we'll give perspectives from two different test riders--Craig, a stand-up rider who likes to pound the moguls, and Marc, a lifelong trail rider who seeks out high mileage days on freshly groomed trails.

Craig's Take...

Having spent all of last season on board our 399lb TNT 500SS, I was not convinced that the thrill of the new 1200 4-TEC would offset the gain in weight that would accompany the more powerful TNT.  I am pleased to say I was wrong, very wrong.  The 1200 TNT is a great sled and is sure to put a smile on the face of those that ride it.  The TNT is a very stable performance sled.  In the tightest of trails or nastiest of moguls, the larger 4-Stroke is probably not the fastest machine, but it's no slouch, and handles the conditions well.  In any other conditions, this is a tough sled to beat.  The hit of the 4-Stroke comes on strong and the TNT's suspension keeps the sled nicely in control.  Get on a stretch of high speed groomed trails, and the TNT feels like it is glued to the snow.  It goes where it is pointed and inspires confidence through every turn.  So, what would I change?  I'd take a handle bar riser, a stiffer seat, and a slightly heavier throttle pull especially at lower RPM's to keep myself from accidentally landing on the snow behind the snowflap.  Other than that, this sled is ready to go just as delivered.

Marc's Take...

Let me start by saying that a lightweight performance 4-Stroke is right up my alley.  The 1200 TNT is for a serious trail rider who enjoys occasional mogul bashing. The 1200 XR isn't XP light and you can feel the additional weight,  but that's not necessarily a bad thing with this sled -- it's still only 500lbs. Our TNT shows zero nervous tendencies at speed and is very well balanced in the air. The torquey 4-Stroke helps keep the front-end feeling light, but also gives that planted feel while railing sweeping corners.  With the bars pushed forward, the TNT is a capable stand-up machine and transition from sitting to standing is XP like.  With that said, aggressive trail riding is where this sled shines.  The smooth power delivery of the Rotax 4-Stroke is addicting and I sure don't miss that smell (E-Tec owners know what I mean too). The simplicity of the 1200 TNT is also something I have grown to love. Maybe it's the point and shoot mentality, but there just seems to be less to worry about - I like that.  I've been lucky to ride a lot of sleds over the years.  The more I ride the 1200 TNT, the more I like it. It's quickly moving up my list of favorites. 

Official DOOTalk weight (with fluids) for 1200 TNT...

580.0 lbs wet (estimated 79 lbs of fluids)

DOOTalker's comments...

"... I just find it intoxicating the way they deliver torque all through the power band" - DOOTalk member Reaper

"The 09 GSX limited 4-TEC is close to perfection...I feel like I'm on a BMW motorcycle." - DOOTalk member taylormade

"I have the TNT and love it." - DOOTalk member Pipeman  

DOOTalk Factoid...

DOOTalkers are reporting 15-16 MPG (US gallon) on average with their 4-Tecs Click for Poll

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