Rox Speed FX Adjustable Risers


Rox Speed FX is known for innovative products in the snowmobiling industry.  Not only do their products give your sled a custom look that will make it stand out, but they offer extremely functional designs.

The new Rox height adjustable risers looked to be the perfect accessory for our TNT.  The 6" riser, coupled with the wrenchless adjustment kit, allows for on the trail riser height changes up to 8.25" without the need for any tools.

Our kit came complete with the full riser setup and the Rox handguards with aluminum mounts.

Installation on the TNT is simple.

The first step is to remove the stock riser and handguards.

- Pull the stock bar pad.

- Disconnect the throttle cable and pull the gauge cluster to disconnect the handlebar control wiring.  This is required because the wiring and throttle cable run inside the stock riser.

-Unbolt the bars and unbolt the existing riser from the steering stem.

- Remove the screws attaching the stock hand guards.

Now it's time to install the Rox Riser and handguards.

The risers come with regular bolts for adjustments.  To use the wrenchless adjustment kit, you will need to remove the stock adjustment bolts and install the wrenchless kit. 

Once the riser is assembled, bolt the riser to the steering stem and attach the bars.  Don't snug the bolts until you make all of your adjustments to the riser and handlebar position.  After everything is positioned, tighten the bolts, reconnect the wiring, and the throttle cable.  Be sure to move the bars back and forth and check for any binding.  Try adjusting the riser height to the max position and once again check for any cable or wire binding. 

Note:  If you intend to run with the risers in the highest position, you may need to lengthen cables or brake lines.

Installation of the Rox handguards is also simple.   Attach the handguards to the billet handguard mounts.  Don't completely tighten all the bolts until they are mounted on the handlebars and adjusted.  Fasten the handguard mounts to the bars with the provided set screw, adjust the handguard positioning, and tighten all bolts.

We're almost ready to go riding...

Start up the sled, turn the bars back and forth again to make sure that the throttle cable is not binding or changing the throttle position as it turns.  If everything checks out, you're good to go.  If you notice any binding, shut down the sled and re-route the cable and wires to eliminate the binding.

That's it...

The Rox Adjustable Riser/Handguard Kit is a great addition to our TNT.  Not only does it give the sled a great look with some trick looking aluminum, but we now have the added flexibility for fine tuning riding position just like we want it, when we want it, without needing to crack open the tool kit. 

For more info on the Rox Adjustable Riser kit and all the Rox products, check out