Installing a Rox REV Riser & Handguard Kit


Installing a Rox REV Kit

Going into my third season on my '03 REV 600 HO Sport, I was looking for some changes I could make to give my sled a fresh look. I decided to replace the mobile windshield with a fixed shield / handguard setup. My plan was to use a Cobra mid-height fly screen. Along with handguards, I also wanted to install handlebar risers.

After researching my options, I finally chose the Rox REV Kit from Not only is the Rox kit extremely trick looking with the machined aluminum risers, but it is designed to work with the stock handlebars, does not require any cable changes, and has a handguard mounting system that utilizes the stock tabs on the handlebars that hold the mobile windshield.
The Rox REV Kit retails for $124.95 and comes complete with 2" Risers, handguard mounts, all necessary hardware, cross bar pad, and your choice of Powermadd or Acerbis handguards.

The quality is excellent and the instructions are very easy to follow. The risers have to be about the coolest hunk of aluminum you can put on your sled.

You will need to purchase one part to complete the installation. When you pull the cap off the stock handlebar mount, you will notice a plate that mounts to the top of the handlebar caps and holds the wiring in place. This plate also reinforces the stock aluminum caps. The folks at RoxSpeed recommend either purchasing the stock reinforcment plates offered by Ski-Doo (Part No: 506151196) or using a pair of Arctic Cat steel caps (Part No: 0605-676). The Arctic Cat caps are strong enough to not need reinforcment and they are also knurled, providing additional grip of the riser posts. I chose to buy the Arctic Cat caps.

So, let's get started with our project. You will need to remove the stock mobile windshield by removing the 2 bolts that attach to each tab on the handlebars.

Pull the center cap off the handlebars, disconnect the 2 wiring connectors, and unbolt the handlebar clamps.

Mount the Rox riser posts in the stock handlebar clamps, and the handlebar in the Rox clamps.

The Rox riser setup lets you adjust the angle of the risers as well as adjust the angle of the handlebars in the top clamps. With all of these adjustments, it is very easy to find a position that works for your riding style.

Note: If you use the Ski-Doo reinforcement plates, attach these to the top of the stock handlebar clamps.
If you use the Arctic Cat clamp, this replaces the top stock clamp.

You will now need to reconnect the wiring. I ran the wiring in between the risers as shown.

At this point, be sure to check that the wire and throttle routing does not impact the throttle operation as you move the handlebars through their full range of motion.

Attach the Rox crossbar pad and now you're ready to install the handguards.

Fasten the handguard bracket to the tabs on the handlebars used for mounting the mobile windshield. The bracket is slotted to allow you to adjust the position of your handguards. Attach the handguard to the mounting bracket using the threaded rod and series of lock nuts provided in the kit.

All we have left to do is attach the Cobra mid-height fly screen and we'll be ready to go.

If your sled originally came with the mobile windshield setup, you will need to drill mounting holes. Hold the windshield up against the upper cowling, and using the windshield as a template, mark the 3 mounting holes. Drill the holes on your marks using a 3/8" drill bit.

Insert the provided rubber well nuts into the 3/8" holes.

Fasten the windshield to the rubber nut. Snap on the screw caps and admire your completed project.

The Rox REV Kit is really nice and comes at a price that is hard to beat for all that comes with it. Being able to utilize the stock handlebars and take advantage of the mobile windshield mounting tabs is a great benefit. Unlike many risers, this setup still provides a clear view of your gauges. For those looking for a bit more aggressive rise, for another $10 Rox offers a 3 1/2" riser that will still work with the stock bars and cables. The people at RoxSpeed are very friendly and helpful. Installation was simple and went quite fast.

So it only took about an hour and a half to give my sled a great new look with the Rox REV Kit and Cobra mid-height windshield...Time well spent!

Report submitted by REV-Rider