Curve XS skis


Curve XS ski review

Our 2003 REV is still getting quite a bit of seat time and this year we decided to finally do something about replacing the stock precision skis.

When the precision skis were first introduced by Ski-Doo, they were intended to reduce the darting that plagued so many sleds.  While the precision skis did a reasonable job of reducing the darting on hardpack trails, they gave up the bite necessary in the deeper and softer snow conditions.

Curve Industries is a relatively new company to the snowmobiling industry, but they are quickly making a name for themselves.  Their new Curve XS skis have been endorsed by Boss Racing and were used by Robbie Malinoski for the 2007-08 racing season.  When we first heard about these new skis, we thought they were a great candidate to replace the precision skis on our REV.

The Curve XS skis are a very nice looking product.  We chose the black skis with yellow loops.  Sean from Curve Industries recommended the Studboy 2198 series 6"  carbides.  Installation was quick and the fit on our REV was perfect.

So, how do they work...  We were fortunate to put a day of late winter riding on these skis in varying conditions ranging from hard pack high speed trails, to tight woods trails, and even some riding in two feet of fresh powder. 

As expected these skis work great in the deeper snow and aggressive riding in the extremely tight trails.  The sled carves and ends up exactly where you point it.  The vague drift of the precision skis was gone and replaced by accurate handling.  But, how were they on the hard pack trails where the precision skis actually worked quite well?  The Curve XS skis were outstanding on these trails as well.  We feared that we might experience more darting in these conditions, but found the opposite.  The Curve XS skis kept their own line and provided very predictable handling at very high speeds in these conditions.

We don't completely understand the science behind these skis.  Reading the info on the Curve XS website, we learn that they are designed to place a rail of snow beneath the skis, reducing friction, and increasing overall performance.  Whether we understand the science or not, we do know we like the results.

The Curve XS skis are a great addition to our REV.  Not only do they look tough on the sled, the sled now handles better than the day it was new.  What more can you hope for from a pair of skis?

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